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Thanks to all the readers who sent in their accounts of this incident. From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating a police involved shooting involving an armed suspect that began in the 400 block of Kenyon Street, NW.

At approximately 1:09 p.m. on Saturday, December 26, 2009, uniformed officers from the Third District responding to a 911 call were confronted by a male suspect armed with a knife. The suspect, who was being investigated in connection with an earlier offense, twice confronted and reportedly lunged at officers in the 400 and subsequently the 600 blocks of Kenyon Streets. NW, in the attempt to inflict bodily harm. During the course of those confrontations, officers in imminent fear of their lives fired their service weapons and the suspect was struck.

The suspect who has been identified as 32-year-old Tremaine Flythe of Northwest Washington was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead at 4:33 p.m.

A knife was recovered at the scene of this incident and a dog that was apparently in possession of the owner was turned over to Animal Control for safekeeping.

The male officers involved, 5 and 6 year members assigned to the Third District, suffered no apparent physical injuries as a result of this incident. They have both been placed on administrative leave with pay in accordance with departmental protocol.

The circumstances surrounding this police involved shooting remain under investigation by members assigned to the department’s Force Investigation Team which falls under the Internal Affairs Bureau.”

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  1. MPD (and heck, DPW et al) has known about nonsense on that block, directly across a wide alley from us on Irving, for quite some time due to diligence and persistence of a gang of our neighbors. This includes suspicious characters and loiterers, drug dealing, bulk trash & garbage, noise complaints.

    I do not want to see anyone die; Tremaine Flythe had his own people, as we all do, who birthed and loved us. But I’m not shedding a tear, and I hope the message goes out that both newcomers and long time residents alike aren’t going to allow a few fools and their enablers to keep a community unliveable.

  2. Hey ProChris, I am appalled at the way you are speaking of this young man that lost his life. You probably are new to the neighborhood and really don’t know what you are talking about. As far as the young men and women in that neighborhood, they are all in a close knit family. I help raise this child. If you knew anything about him, you would know that when he was younger he had an accident that made him different. He would never hurt anyone intentionally and was a GOOD person. Never judge a person unless you know their character.

  3. Never judge, eh ?

    GOOD persons don’t use a knife against uniformed policemen.

    Was apologizing for this type of behavior part of your character building or your being raised ?

  4. Ms. BJ, please explain if what you say is true, how he came to hold a knife against the police? It was a fatal error. I’m sorry for how you feel but someone, somewhere, needed to get that kid out of DC forever if he would end up holding a knife against the police.

    My friend B grew up in the projects in Newark. When he turned 18 his parents forced him to choose which branch of service he would enroll in- Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. He chose Navy. He has a Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland, three kids, and his wife is the daughter of a minister. Who on your block that you know from way back when is forcing, literally forcing, their children to choose college or the military? The kids who make those choices will be the only kids left alive at age 30 and you know that.

    I tend to blame most of the problems of the community on long-term residents who were brainwashed by Marion Barry that rapists, murderers, burglars and drug dealers were justly allowed to live in our community. Many people still think that lie is true. The new residents are generally much nicer than long-term residents and much less accepting of rapists, statutory and otherwise.

  5. First of all, no knife was recovered from this person. I am near the corner where he got gunned down. This is not an area of projects. This is a well respected neighborhood. He lived a half a block from where he was killed. He was walking his dog. You don’t know all the issues and you can’t blame Marion Barry for everything that happens in the city.

  6. a caring neighbor

    in all honesty he did not have a knife he was totally unarmed. what the media fail to realize is that there were witnesses outside an i was one of them. the officer actually began to open fire on him while still in his car. how about that. a young man walking down the street to see him mom gets murdered by the police because of mistaken identity.. WOW!!! get all the facts before u pass judgment. how would u feel if all the neighbors didnt speak to u or treated u any different because u are GAY or because u are white. dont stereotype people its not nice at all.

  7. I hope Professor Chris or someone writes up a short message, xeroxes it, and posts it in the alley and streets for the young kids to see too.

  8. I’m surprised there aren’t more comments to this PoP story. I guess all the “newcomers” are still out of town at Mom and Dads for Christmas?

  9. nice euphemism.

  10. PS your map is wrong. It was between Warder and Park Pl. NW

  11. That area around 426 Kenyon had been laden with drug problems until MPD recently has cracked down on it. Kudos to MPD for frequently patrolling and keeping tabs on the situation. Sad that someone had to die indeed, but like Chris said, hopefully this will send a strong message.

  12. I was around the corner when this thing started. At first, there was gunfire between two people over (I think) some kind of car-related incident. When police responded (which they did literally 30 seconds after the last shot), I guess they ran into the suspect. Wonder what happened to the other person originally involved?

    Anyway, thanks to MPD for responding swiftly. Though I doubt anyone was trying to send a “message” of any sort, but a bad situation was resolved that could have been worse, or ignored.

  13. Do you think they got the right person? This man had a knife not a gun. You need to report this to the police.

  14. do YOU think they got the WRONG person? its not like there is just one bad guy out there.
    reread this:
    The suspect, who was being investigated in connection with an earlier offense, twice confronted and reportedly lunged at officers in the 400 and subsequently the 600 blocks of Kenyon Streets. NW, in the attempt to inflict bodily harm. During the course of those confrontations, officers in imminent fear of their lives fired their service weapons and the suspect was struck

    in my opinion, anyone that lunges at a police officer with a knife deserves to be shot dead in the street. unless the cops were torturing this guy, or sodomizing him with a pipe, there is no reason to attack a cop.
    i’m sorry if he was otherwise a good kid, but he made a fatal decision. also, just because a gun wasn’t recovered doesn’t mean he didn’t fire one before the cops arrived. if he fired a gun, they’ll know.

    as a juror, i will believe a cop over someone with a record 90% of the time.

  15. That’s why innocent people go to jail everyday. Cops lie as well.

  16. good golly, recidivists are killing the city

  17. I didn’t mean to say this was some Charles Bronson or Dirty Harry (actually, Harry went after rogue cops executing criminals in Magnum Force) message. I meant an indirect message. This is the only thing even remotely resembling a “silver lining.” The rest is pretty tragic.

  18. MS. BJ,

    Apparently you did a great job in “help raise this child” … Perhaps you need to examine your own parenting skills. As for the young men and women being close knit, what’s you point? Gangs are very close knit. More BS from the local crime apologists.

  19. Cops couldnt have shot the guy in the foot or the hand or something? Im just sayin folks c’mon. Guns at snowball fights and now this? These cops gotta start thinking before they just haul off and pull the trigger. And keep in mind we’re only getting one side of this story because the other side belongs to a DEAD MAN. For those chastising the parenting skills of a DEAD 22 yr olds mother…shame on you.

  20. “Cops couldnt have shot the guy in the foot or the hand or something?”
    How about the second knuckle on the pinkie finger? Would that make you happy? Criminals just love thinking like yours.

  21. I’m just saying…2 trained cops who know how to shoot, when to shoot, where to shoot, and how many bullets to shoot vs 1 crazy dude with a knife. This man did not HAVE to die. And people like you could careless because….hes a criminal? has mental problems? inst your friend? I dunno, but I don’t believe in the death penalty. Especially without a trial. But thats just me

  22. handguns aren’t that accurate, cops are trained to shoot at the torso, and rarely does one bullet stop someone dead in their tracks due to adrenaline, drugs, etc. and yes, people like me want the police protecting us from guys with knives. shocking ain’t it?

  23. handguns are accurate….aim is bad…or purposeful depending on what your perspective on the situation is. If a cop kills someone he meant to just injure, thats human error and bad training. But thats one less, low income, minority, human being on the streets. Alls well that ends well I guess. smh

  24. You’ve been watching too many movies.

    Here’s how it works: If a law enforcement officer believes that life is in immediate risk and fires their weapon, they shoot to kill. Period.

    Apparently two officers felt this way. Clearly there will be an investigation.

    Also – At the age of 32, this man was not, as another poster puts it, “a child”. If he was carrying a knife, and if he did charge two officers shortly after shots were fired, then this was a predictable, just, and highly unfortunate outcome.

    My thoughts are with the family of Mr. Flythe – but and also with officers and their families. What a horrible way for them to have to spend the time around this holiday.

  25. As bdh pointed out, cops don’t fire their weapons to “just injure” as you put it. And no one said anything about taking “low income, minority” people off the streets. your ignorance is showing again.

  26. Yea, I’m one of those rare souls that thinks criminals should go to prison instead of the graveyard. Clearly I’m the idiot here. My apologies.

  27. I thought the suspect was 32.

  28. The suspect was 32, and even so, this is a tragic situation. I agree with those who say he made a fatal decision, but I think the cops did what they had to do.

  29. For the record, this happened between Warder and Georgia on Kenyon. Or at least that’s where the final shots took place.

    I’m amazed at how insensitive a lot of people’s comments are. Someone died, you assholes. Show just a modicum of respect, please.

  30. would you have felt better if this guy stabbed someone, you asshole.

  31. Is you name up Your because you take it in the rear end? Or because you wordship the devil? Or you really like black men but are afraid to say it outloud do to the fact that people would look at you differently? Any who I’ll still pray for you too.I m not bias in fact in love you and you family that raised you too.With much love Lisa

  32. Why are my neighbors and friends getting a story from the media that differs from what they observed from the windows and front porches of their homes on Saturday, December 26th ’09? The news story only tells people that my brother lunged at a police officer with a knife and that his being killed was justified.

    Eyewitnesses tell a different story in which Tremayne was empty handed until he reached for his dog’s leash and fled from a police officer who, despite screams of terror of the passersby and, the neighbors pleas to \Stop shooting!\ would not end his reckless barrage of semi-automatic fire, which began without any warning, the moment the officer emerged from his cruiser.

    My mother was denied the chance to ride in the ambulance with her son, nor could she see him while being told to wait for information about her son that would never arrive during her six hour ordeal at the hospital. He (my brother) was on his way to see her on the day after Christmas before he was intercepted by the police for reasons which remain unexplained.

    Everyone, myself included has been kept in the dark. My family does not even know when his remains can be moved to a proper mortuary. The only thing the police would say to us that day was that \This is a crime scene.\

    How accurate their description and how unfortunate for myself, family and friends that the police commited this crime. It is fortuitous for MPD that when they play the roles of judge, jury and executioner and kill someone they retain absolute control over the flow of information (telling falsehoods to the media which they in turn distribute to the public), as well as granting people the privilege of common human courtesy (ambulance rides with next of kin, telling mother that her son is still in surgery for hours when he’s already dead). They have attempted to and have thus far succeeded in villifying someone undeserving of such labels in order to preserve the tarnished and still failing integrity of their department.

  33. a caring neighbor


    all the comments being made are really crazy some people show that they do have a heart and show that maybe this could have been handle in a different way. it is true it could have been done totally different considering that the suspect did not have a knife and that he was told to put his dog on the gate. and while standing there defenseless having an officer shoot at u and continue to shoot until u are down and the have the nerve to tell the people of the city u charged at an him with a knife that doesn’t exist….. WOW!!!
    the officer fail to realize that there were people outside at the time of this indecent. People did see how with out no warning of a FREEZE!, GET DOWN, PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPON SIR! nothing he just began to open fire on a man with no weapon, completely unarmed was TREMAINE FLYTHE. my heart goes out to his family… R.I.P

  34. Now let’s be fair and take a look at some PUBLICLY available information about this, so-called, “innocent man” that police allegedly gunned down “without cause”. Here are some of the thing’s he’s been ARREST for, which you can verify easily by contacting the DC Superior Court. All non-juvenile arrests are public information.

    SUSPECT NAME: Tremaine (Tremayne) G. FLYTHE
    OFFENSE: BENCH WARRANT (Failure to Appear)
    ARREST DATE: 9/3/2004
    ARREST NUMBER: 100401189
    PDID: 476195
    HEIGHT: 5’11”
    WEIGHT: 170-180
    DATE OF BIRTH PROVIDED: 1977-03-11
    SOCIAL: 5XXXX6236

    SUSPECT NAME: Tremaine (Tremayne) G. FLYTHE
    ARREST DATE: 10/3/2000
    ARREST NUMBER: 40005788
    PDID: 476195
    HEIGHT: 5’11”
    WEIGHT: 170-180
    DATE OF BIRTH PROVIDED: 1977-03-04
    SOCIAL: 5XXXX6236

    SUSPECT NAME: Tremaine (Tremayne) G. FLYTHE
    ARREST DATE: 9/28/1999
    ARREST NUMBER: 609900446
    PDID: 476195
    HEIGHT: 5’11”
    WEIGHT: 170-180
    DATE OF BIRTH PROVIDED: 1977-03-11
    SOCIAL: 5XXXX6236

    SUSPECT NAME: Tremaine (Tremayne) G. FLYTHE
    ARREST DATE: 5/31/1999
    ARREST NUMBER: 49902424
    PDID: 476195
    HEIGHT: 5’11”
    WEIGHT: 170-180
    DATE OF BIRTH PROVIDED: 1977-03-04
    SOCIAL: 5XXXX6236

    SUSPECT NAME: Tremaine (Tremayne) G. FLYTHE
    ARREST DATE: 3/14/1998
    ARREST NUMBER: 49801543
    PDID: 476195
    HEIGHT: 5’11”
    WEIGHT: 175
    DATE OF BIRTH PROVIDED: 1977-03-11
    SOCIAL: 5XXXX6236

    Please take note that THREE of the arrests are “violence related”: 2 assaults (one on a POLICE officer), and one for CARRYING A WEAPON. Whoever earlier said “he would never hurt anyone” is apparently very misguided. Yes, not all police are perfect, and I dislike crooked ones the same as the next person. But, I am also tired of people jumping to conclusions and VILIFYING cops in instances without all the facts. This is lots of arrests over the years, likely handled by different officers throughout those years: I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that 5 different sets of officers on 5 different occasions ALL lied and falsely accused this man in each instance. Get real! He has a legally documented HISTORY of VIOLENCE and I will sooner believe the police saying he had a weapon and became violent (both of which he appears to have done before based on his arrest record) before I would believe the typical “neighborhood defending its own” non-sense that keeps crime continuing.

  35. I can’t believe you would run this site and say such horrible things!!!! How inhumane are you? It’s would be wrong of me to character assassinate you. I lived at 447 Luray place for years in fact my grandfather owns it Look that up too! In fact he also owns the house on the corner and two more houses on Park road. How dare you insult someone you didn’t know and probly are bias and don’t speak to the black (people of color) in the neighborhood you just moved into a couple of years ago. If you don’t like the things I say come to my house sip tea or coffee with the BLACK PEOPLE THAT YOU WALK BY EVERY DAY My degree is probly bigger better and my husband and I would love to finish your perspective on Terry has human. I don’t know you, Never heard of you, your children probly don’t even play with the kids in the neighbor hood. HOW DARE YOU!!! SHAME ON YOUR SOUL FOR LOOKING DOWN ON ANOTHER HUMAN. Your own mother would have shame to say she raised you to talk down about a man that’s deceased.

  36. Dear Mr. lets be fair:

    Why did you feel the need to air Terry’s wrap sheet in order to prove your point that his death was warranted. I find this extremely distasteful; especially since the dirt on Terry’s grave hasn’t even settled yet. Do you have no respect for the dead and those morning? My faith teaches me to do unto others as I would have done unto me..you could take a lesson from Jesus. Mark my word, God will not be mocked and justice will prevail in this situation….you will eat your words.

    In closing, just because a man has a wrap sheet does not warrant his death. I am sure you have a wrap sheet of your own: “He who is without sin cast the first stone”..”you look to take the dirt out of your brother’s eye, but all the while you have a plank in your own eye.”

    What is done in the darkness will be exposed, you just wait and see.


    Lola-childhood friend and neighbor of Terry

  37. Let’s have a group prayer for Ashton, he is socially illiterate. He should never write anything to anyone ever in life again because he doesn’t realize that being black or white and low income (minority-other than black or brown) is not a criminal offense. Actually there are more black and brown people in the world than of any other race; and more poverty stricken people (depraved/reprobate/poverty of the spirit people) in other races than in black and brown people.

  38. sarcasm is lost on you, save the prayers for yourself sister

  39. Why are people who don’t even know the whole story, and don’t even know Terry posting there ignorant,and most of all insulting lies/thoughts. As everyone knows, all the cops do now a days is lie, and cover up for one another. Terry did not, nor did he carry a knife when he was shot, there are so many neighboors that witnessed it, No one saw him even charge at the bastards who shot at him, if anything, Terry was running from them to protect his own life, Can’t a man walk with his dog and mind his own business without cops interfearing with there lifes. What makes it right to take an innocent mans life away by the hands of another human? And for the person who posted his rap sheet…4 words, You’re a complete asshole and that is so unrelated to outside crimes. I hate the ignorant and the heartless, may you all burn in black non extinguishable fire from hell. Have a nice day :)


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