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view14 before2

Ever since posting the before and after photos from Columbia Heights I love the seeing other before and after shots. At the Urban Land Institute lecture, I mentioned earlier, there was a discussion on the past and future of U Street. There was a discussion with

• Jair Lynch, President & CEO, Jair Lynch Development Partners (Moderator)
• Paul Robertson, President, Robertson Development
• David Franco, Principal, Level 2 Development
• Josh Dix, Vice President, PN Hoffman

They mostly talked about the projects they had worked on in the area. It was very interesting but what I found most fascinating was the before and after photos which they were kind enough to share with me. One more item of note though, was that when asked what they saw the future looking like, they mentioned that they expected development to continue up 14th Street to Columbia Heights. They also mentioned that construction at the old Nehemiah Shopping Center site is slated to begin in the Fall of 2010.

So, above you can find what the current View 14 space looked like. Below is what it looks like now:

view14 after

After the jump you can see before and after photos from Solea across the street from View 14 at the corner of 14th and Florida. Also after the jump you can see a before and after photo of Union Row at 14th and W.

solea before

Above is where the Solea now sits in the 70s. The building was demolished shortly after that photo was taken and it was a parking lot for many years afterwards. Here’s what it looks like now:


Below you can see what the Union Row building looked like:

Union row before

And here’s what it looks like now:

union row

The changes are unbelievable!


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