Washington, DC


“Dear PoP,

I will be moving into one of those narrow 2 bedroom rowhouses in Columbia Heights next month. It’s a typical 1-door-and-1-window-wide rowhouse with the staircase leading up from the front door and a long narrow room that is to be the dining room and living room. The house is about 14 feet wide.

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to make a living space with about 11-12 ft width and what seems over 22 ft length. Of course I’d like to have a space to relax with friends, a nice-sized flatscreen and sofa(s) and coffee table. I will be buying new furniture but need some inspiration… could you ask your readers to submit pictures/descriptions/suggestions of what they did with their skinny living rooms? I know there are a lot of narrow rowhouse residents out there!”

If any readers have photos or how to decorate a narrow row house please email them to princeofpetworth (at) gmail (dot) com.

Speaking of design I received an email today from a local Silver Spring resident that got her apartment featured on Apartment Therapy. It’s pretty sweet!


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