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PoP Preview – Taylor Gourmet II – Mt. Vernon Location

by Prince Of Petworth October 13, 2009 at 11:28 pm 35 Comments


Back in June I mentioned that Taylor’s was opening up a second location in the Mt. Vernon Triangle neighborhood (485 K St., NW in the City Vista building). Tuesday evening they had a pre-opening for bloggers/media etc. This spot opens to the public on Friday at 11am. I asked about their delivery radius but they weren’t 100% certain yet. They may deliver as far as Logan Circle and areas of Dupont. More on the delivery radius when it becomes finalized. As I said before, the folks who live nearby are supremely lucky to get this addition.

I am happy to report that the sandwiches were as delicious as they are at their original H Street, NE location. I always get one of the prosciutto sandwiches. This one had prosciutto, provolone, roasted red peppers and lettuce:


The store looks great too, it had a very similar feel and look to the original store. I thought the lights were the coolest part:


More photos after the jump.







  • Great pictures. I didn’t arrive early enough to the pre-opening to get these kind of shots. Given our familiarity with the great H Street NE location it’s no surprise the decor is impressive.

    The hoagies and mozzarella sticks were up to the usual high standards. I suppose the one head scratcher that really jumped out to me was the awkward location of the menu sign. When you walk up to the cashier you have to crank your neck up to look at a sign that’s several feet above your head. This is captured in your fourth photo down. I think a sign to the side of the cashier would allow for a more natural ordering experience. All in all not a big deal for me – with Taylor so close I’ll probably have my faves memorized within the month =)

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @FourthandEye I totally agree about the menu location – good call. Nice meeting ya!

  • (it’s “Taylor” not Taylor’s)

  • and if these pictures are a sign of things to come with the new camera – Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I think I gained five pounds just looking at that sandwich

  • Anonymous

    looks great. love the oil drum lights. But I don’t like that they located in new construction. Their asthetic doest really jive with it frankly and I would have liked to see them locate themselves on a street in need of a little kick like they did with the first one. MTP street would have LOVED a Taylor Gourmet and there are plenty of vacant old buildings that would have suited them nicely. But my guess is the developer of the building made it worth their while and lured them there.

  • I think Taylor will be a success in the long run (5 years+). the interior is great, the food is great and the owners have a clear interest in the business. two thumbs up in my book!

    @FourthandEye and @PoP – great meeting you both!

    @Anonymous 9:02 – all you need to do is walk K Street NW from 4th to 7th and you’ll see that this location, although in a brand new building, makes perfect sense in a revitalizing neighborhood.

  • New2CH

    LOVE the interior. How awesome would this place be in Highland Park or in the Tivoli???

  • Anonymous

    “MTP street would have LOVED a Taylor Gourmet.”

    I’m guessing they probably wanted to set up shop in MtP, but the neighborhood busybodies protested that their sandwich slicers were too loud or something.

  • Eric

    I dunno, I feel like the only person who isnt impressed with their sandwiches. I’ve tried them a couple times and… meh.

  • We were also there last night and took a few shots. We’re looking forward to the opening of their neighbor, Kushi, as well. There are plenty of things to look forward to with the new development of the CityVista building!

  • anonymous

    I’m sure there were plenty of sound financial reasons to open there, but I would have loved this location to be somewhere on the 9th street corridor b/t M and P. Oh well..

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they opened more locations in the following years. In fact I’d be willing to bet on it.

  • Jimmy D

    Ludlow. Ludlow.

    Please come to Columbia Heights.

  • Herb

    OMG reason enough to join Results at the location in order to work out and then feel its ok to have one of their sandwiches!

  • Heather

    Hold the piles and piles of shredded lettuce please.

  • Anon

    They’d be wise to deliver to North Capitol Street and H Street. Only 5 blocks away. Thousands of office workers with minimal lunch options (Subway, Au Bon Pain, and two lunch buffets). Taylor’s would clean up.

  • @Anon, the original location delivers to both of those places.

  • DF

    I’m just curious…how the heck did these two young guys get enough capital to pull this off? Surely not from revenue, the H St location is never busy enough. Financing? Almost impossible in this climate. Do they have investors? Wealthy parents? Inheritances?

    Just curious.


  • I definitely want a branch that delivers to Columbia Heights, but I hope that Taylor does not expand too far too fast- they bring their bread down from Sarcone’s in Philly and lots of locations would probably mean a new, crappier source of sammitch bread. Right now those sammitches are pretty sweet and remind me of Philly’s Italian Market. Still, Sarcone’s Deli has better sammitches!

  • AA

    I want to love Taylor Gourmet, but the bread is SO tough. I don’t like having to “pull” all my sandwich just to get the bread to let go of its desperate cling to itself.

  • Anonymous

    I was walking by last night and saw that the door was open; so I stopped and asked when the deli was going to be open to the public. The guy I asked (who turns out to be one of the owners) was kind of dickish. Maybe that kind of attitude works over on h street where there’s little competition, but it won’t in penn quarter. My advice to the owner in question: learn to deal with the public a little better, especially people who live in the neighborhood.

  • Anon

    @ DF — one of them used to flip properties right here in Columbia Heights. Materials could be decent on the reno (when he had $) but workmanship is crap. I don’t know how they made it past city inspections as nothing under the cheap ass drywall is up to code.

    And wealthy parents.

    I speak from first hand experience. I’m still dealing with issues and regretting my mistake.

  • Anon

    Anon at 2:58 here again…

    @ Anon at 2:51 — exactly. Welcome to my world.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 2:51 @ Anon 2:58: that’s interesting by way of background. Still, I’m going to give the place another chance because a deli could be really good for the neighborhood, depending on how it’s run. I would add, though, that most people will not want to shell out $10 for a sandwich from an asshole, no matter how good that sandwich may be (and the Taylor sandwiches I’ve had have been good but by no means sublime). Maybe drunk hipsters on h st don’t care, but the less inebriated working folks who live around the new deli will.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Honestly, I’ve met the two owners on many occasions and they have always been nice. For the record they were also nice even before they knew I was “PoP”.

  • Anonymous

    @ PoP: That’s fair. Everybody has a bad day or a bad moment now and then. I’m sure opening a new location is plenty stressful. All of this is to say that I plan to look past first impressions and give the place a chance.

  • Trinidader

    I live around the corner from the H Street location and order from there at least once a week. Both owners have been really nice and were very apologetic about some of the long waits and other issues when they first opened. They really seemed to listen to feedback and made a lot of improvements on the ordering process. We usually get delivery and the last few times they have arrived within 15-20 minutes of ordering, which is amazing. Love the risotto balls and the cutlet sandwiches.

  • Anonymous

    no wealthy parents just hard work and determination…. but if you need to assume weathy parents for their sucess…. so be it!

  • spookiness

    I have never been to the first location, but I’ve seen it written up in at least different shelter and design magazines (Dwell, Metropolis, ArchitectureDC?) I’m just feeling it’s probably a bit overexposed.

  • David Mazza

    David Mazza (Taylor Gourmet)

    The Landlord at CityVista were very aggressive in filling the empty retail bays. So they were offering a very generous amount of TI allowance to perform the construction. I preformed the construction myself acting as GC and sub’ed the project out to each trade winning a considerable amount of savings. No loans just a kick ass landlord who believed in us, the small deli on H st NE. Now we plan on returning the favor by work our asses off and putting out the best product/service for the MVT neighborhood and surrounding businesses.

    PS Pop’s The King of DC! Thanks for coming last night

  • ro

    i’m a frequent customer at the H St. location and both David and Casey couldn’t be nicer owners. one of the reasons i go so much is because of how engaging they are, i’ve never got a bad vibe from them at all. @ Anon 2:58 – don’t hate on them simply because they came up with a good idea and found a way to make it happen. the H st. location has a respectable flow of patrons and the City Vista store will likely be even more popular given the density of office buildings and condos. i wish them the best.

  • honestly, i took one look at that sandwich and am planning to go there for lunch this saturday. i can’t wait. maybe that’s just because i’m starving right now.

  • Nikki

    Their sandwiches are good, but Litteri’s blows them out of the water. I just wish Litteri’s had better hours.

  • Yadasacker

    “I dunno, I feel like the only person who isnt impressed with their sandwiches. I’ve tried them a couple times and… meh.”

    I 100% agree.

    Also, the bread is absolutely hard as a rock. They need to offer some other bread options.

    I liked Aroma Bakery on 14th and U Street better than Taylor.


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