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Dear PoP – Shooting in Adams Morgan Sat. Night?

by Prince Of Petworth October 11, 2009 at 10:52 pm 17 Comments

IMG_3468, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

Walking home on Columbia road Sat. night near 17th there was a large area of police tape and what appeared to be markers of where there were shell casings. There were a bunch of police cars as well. This was at 4:00 AM.”

Yikes. Any Adams Morgan residents have the scoop on what happened?

UPDATE Just got word from MPD:

“At approximately 2:30 am, this morning at Columbia Road and Euclid Street Northwest, two suspects shot at two victims after a verbal dispute. There were no injuries.

One of the suspects was arrested by the officers working in Adams Morgan; however, the second suspect has not been apprehended at this time.

Two handguns were recovered.

The Third District Detective’s Office is currently investigating the matter.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099.”

  • Violent City Resident

    It was so nice to recently be in a place where daily/weekly crime isn’t so prevalent, or pretty much not at all. As dad says, when people do bad stuff here, their name is in the paper for sure, and all in town know all about it. Not here, our laws somehow seem to protect the criminal element and the criminals enjoy secrecy from the public eye. Ah well.

    Police tape tonight too around the Safeway and Georgia, wonder what went down in Petworth on a sunday night.

  • dc and love it.

    violent city resident,

    sorry you had to come back. you should go live where you think its so nice.

  • 14thandColumbia

    I have information: it’s called 17th and Euclid. It’s a well kept secret, but that corner is the source of 90% of the crime in the neighborhood. But I understand why the cops haven’t caught on to that yet, because they are really subtle genius criminals. Also Jim Graham for life! Smoking in bars is horrible but sleeping, urinating and defecating in allies is encouraged. And bribery!! Lots of bribery!!

  • WDC

    Hey, I love DC too, but Violent City Resident isn’t wrong: why do DC laws seem to be stacked in favor of the criminals? This isn’t even a case of innocent until proven guilty… it goes so far beyond that.

    Word to the wise: inviting posters who don’t agree with you to “go back where they came from” is a little last-week, among the blog-commenting-crowd. Please try to bring your A-snark next time.

  • MK

    If criminal’s names were published in the paper here on a regular basis I will take any number of bets on it becoming a status symbol. They’ll only commit more crimes just for bragging rights and receiving the sick attention that they crave.

  • Pennywise

    Phil Mendelson, the chair of the DC Public Safety Cmte, is very big on criminals rights and such, and is generally a thugs best friend. Here is a good article on his influence:


    He’s got a constitutional law degree I believe and lives in leafy AU Park or thereabouts, so crime is not a big deal to him, but protecting the rights of the accused is. Also, I’ve been told that DC has various laws heavily influenced by a ‘backlash’ (for lack of a better word) against pre-civil rights era police abuses. Back in the Jim Crow days, DC police basically victimized black residents, and once some semblance of home rule was achieved their powers were severely curtailed, which ended up benefiting thugs. I can’t vouch for that but it seems people are still very squeamish about increasing police powers. Lastly, public discussion of crime is generally facilitated by local news sources, ie the paper. In DC, we have the WaPost, which focuses its efforts on the burbs as a third of DC residents are functionally illiterate (see http://www.dclearns.org/clearinghouse/stats.html or point me to a better source). There’s surely other factors as well but the end result is DC is a gangsters paradise. So, get with the program and go serially kill, its all good here.

    Note Mendelson is up for reelection next year. Please vote against him. Please.


  • dc and love it.

    you’re right. i was kinda being a dick, and generally i totally agree with your sentiment, but not when their first thought is… “that place i just came from is better…” i couldnt help my inner self help guru.

    i just want them to be where they want to be. sometimes it needs just a little encouragement.
    would you truly hold someone back from moving to where it is so pleasant? ; )

  • Libby Liberal

    Liberal enforcement of laws, liberal punishment, liberal education system, liberal housing agencies. I know it’s hard to find a city run by conservatives and the ones that are, are all smaller, but you don’t have these problems. You do the crime, you do the time. How do you expect behavior to change when there is so little consequence for their actions? The stove doesn’t burn enough people in this city, so they keep doing the same thing and teach others to do it with them. The same people are elected and the policies don’t change. The Administration can provide lip service to the issues, but when you continue to appoint liberal judges, it doesn’t change the outcome.

  • dc and love it.

    who do you think is appointing these liberal judges in dc?
    and do you consider nyc smaller than dc? it has been run by conservatives for 15 years. and yes, much safer city since.

  • Libby Liberal

    I would guess conservatives are appointing liberal judges, right? Oh- did you mean D-D-Democrats. No, they create all the piece in the world. They would never stand for the level of crime in our fine urban centers. I would hardly say NYC is run by conservatives, conservative compared to DC sure. I would say Rudy is a moderate, but yes… he did create a much safer city. I’m sure he held a few people accountable, and that hurt some peoples feelings, but it was effective. Bloomberg is an (R) gone (I). Bottom line… both = not liberal.

  • dc and love it.

    if someone throws you a bone, pick it up, daawg.

    anyway, look into how dc judges are appointed before you start talking about the administration and who you think they’ve appointed.

  • Libby Liberal

    I think you’ve misunderstood me… the Fenty Administration can talk about crime reduction all it wants, but until you change the laws, better educate your police force and get judges to hand down sentences… the saga continues. As for appointment of judges, most of today’s judges have been appointed over the past several decades by various Presidential administrations (Probably not many, if any from the current one). Who approves the appointment of judges? Yeah, I’m fully aware that a President doesn’t just get to throw whoever they want wherever they want, it’s a process… and with that process you may not get who you necessarily want to appoint, but who you can appoint.

  • Petworth Newbie

    Bravo, now, can we get a bank branch?

  • Petworth Newbie

    oops, wrong string

  • Neener

    DC and Love it- I find it puzzling that you think street rape is worthy of love. You’ll have to explain why a city with rampant attacks on women and violent gang rape is superior to areas with no stranger rape in the last 5-10 years. I’m really curious why people would defend the rapists and am all ears to your rationalizations? I’m all ears unless you’re too chicken to defend your views on rape culture.

  • onlooker

    I was there and heard the shots, i can’t believe no one was injured, the streets were packed w/ people. I walked passed a store window across the street a few minutes later and there was a bullet hole at head level. There could have been anyone standing there! This could have easily turned into another innocent bystander being murdered for ignorant BS. I certainly won’t be returning there any time soon, and not staying passed 1am EVER!

  • ET

    It does seem to be getting bit more active/violent out there. Call me callous, but what is going on now doesn’t even remotely come close to how bad this city has been in the 80’s and 90’s which is not to say everything is sweetness and light. I guess growing up in New Orleans numbed me a bit.

    Neener you need to move (yes I know it is easier said than done). You hate DC and everything about it so figure out a way to leave and leave. Comments like that are so unproductive as to be flat out freaking stupid. No one here is defending rapists and you damn well know it. So please just stop it – your shtick getting old.


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