Washington, DC


“Dear PoP,

As of ten minutes ago (ed note: received at 12:37 am) this was the scene outside my apartment at 17th and Crescent in Adams Morgan. Saturday morning a water main broke and took about 17 hours and change to fix from about 7 AM when work crews arrived until 11:30 PM when the water went back on and big metal plates were left to cover the street.

The past two nights private contractors (the trucks say “Flippo Construction”) have arrived around 7 PM to shut down the street and work on the giant hole in the middle of 17th. A neighbor has confirmed they are not there during the day, only at night.

Putting aside the fact there’s a generator and stadium lights outside my bedroom window, I’m compelled to ask, how is this cost efficient? This section of 17th has little traffic any time, but is downright dead during the day. Why wait until night and pay crews more, and pay for energy to run a generator for lights?”

This has to be because of traffic flow right? Can cars get around the hole during the day? If not why would they wait until evening to fix it?


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