Rumberos Apparently is Closing

by Prince Of Petworth September 23, 2009 at 2:30 pm 30 Comments


Ugh, this whole process has been a lesson learned for me. This will be the last word. Anyway, I am retracting my retraction of the original story. I have received word from someone in the know, off the record, that they are indeed closing. Also many folks have emailed me saying that they have been told either on the phone or in person that Rumberos is closing. I consider this a sad development and wish the owners and staff the best of luck in the future.

  • He-Man’s Gay

    I believed you the whole time, PoP. Plus, I walk by there at least twice a day and paper over the windows and doors locked is usually a bad sign for a restaurant. If you’re paying rent and not open, you’re dead.

  • The Rat King of Adams Morgan

    Don’t give up, PoP. My friend’s cousin’s bikini waxer heard from her teacher’s soccer coach who told him that the Romberos busboy said this is all a ploy and they are getting ready for a grand re-opening with stripper poles and liquid cheese fountains.

  • inmtpl

    darn, i was hoping it was’nt true.

  • voiceofextremereason

    How dare you sir. How daaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare you.

  • Another Reasonable Voice of Reason

    I am concerned about this. VEERRY concerned! Think of the children! Doesn’t anyone think about the children anymore???

  • saf

    Thanks for checking PoP.

  • Cardozomite

    If it was “off the record” aren’t you not supposed to report it? If it was anonymous I
    could understand posting it. Another difference between blogs and traditional reporting.

  • Anonymous

    Journalism 101 man!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The details were off the record not the news itself.

  • Anonymous

    Blogs are not traditional reporting.
    A blog such as this, as much as I do like it, should be considered as mixture of news and gossip and opinion.
    Its primarily goal seems to be conversational and entertaining. Elements not unlike the nature of friends interacting.
    That said, even with friends we try not to give out wrong information, or rather, offer as information things we are not sure about.

  • aka

    oh my god people – at this point – who really cares one way or the other – let it go…

  • Anonymous

    Nothing PoP could say or do can change the fact that this place served overpriced garbage. They went out business for that reason and that reason alone.

  • EPF

    So…where can one go for properly made mojito in the ‘hood? Rumba Cafe is simply too far.

  • goose

    Only the head goose knows where it is going

  • Not Anonymously Hating

    @ 3:28- The key word from your post is “try.” PoP posted, retracted, and now has reposted the truth as he has learned it. The guy seems to have spent most of yesterday trying to figure out the truth. He has already stated that it has been a lesson learned for him. Either take the lengths he has gone to find out what actually happened and his desire to do things better in the future as the truth, or move on. No need to keep flogging a dead frog man.

  • rg

    I am now one step closer to opening a national chain of strip clubs, and world domination. Economy be damned!!

  • Who Cares?

    Sources? Records? Please. People made a bigger deal of this than it was. Rumor had it that this place was closing. It made a lot of sense that it was closing since it was…closed. And if it weren’t closing, would it be so bad? This is the most publicity this restaurant has gotten since it opened. 4/5 people who read PoP probably never knew it existed in the first place.

    Keep on keeping on, PoP. I appreciate your scuttlebutt and I don’t want you to stop because you’re not as sure as Woodward and Bernstein were.

    Follow the money, man.

  • asl

    Traditional reporting.

    You mean ‘Gore has just won the elect..er, wait’ traditional reporting? Or ‘Hey, wmd definitely there cuz the government says so’ traditional reporting? I’ll take PoP’s standards over msm any day.

  • Cardozomite

    Gore did win.

  • GforGood

    Pity, but hopefully an Italian restaurant will replace it.

    Perhaps its not a good idea to open a higher priced latin cuisine restaurant in a neighborhood with tons of cheap latin restaurants (with sometimes bettter food) around?

  • Anonymous

    Strange that they are closing now. I thought they were in trouble for awhile now but figured that the opening of the Allegro (which is not nearly full) and the filling of Highland Park and others might help. Too bad they aren’t sticking around for a few more months to find out

  • asl

    Touche, Cardozomite.

  • Anonymous

    “A blog such as this, as much as I do like it, should be considered as mixture of news and gossip and opinion.
    Its primarily goal seems to be conversational and entertaining.”

    Maybe at one time, but the primary goal now is to make money. If y’all are entertained in the process, fine.

  • Bloomingdale

    Amen Who Cares. I think most of us who passed 5th grade are able to distinguish between a neighborhood blog and the New York Times. Guess what? Both offer useful services, but one is journalism and the other is not. Big deal. PoP provides a huge service to the community and he could F&^K up his information 10X as often, and he would still be the first URL I open in the morning with my coffee.

  • Jim

    The dramatic denunciations that have been posted today are ridiculous. PoP reported what he heard from an employee–that the business was closed. He showed us a photograph of paper-covered windows, which I think 99% of us would think ndicates that they were not open for business (strange sort of advertising if it that isn’t what the owners want people to think). Then others claimed they heard from someone more official (never identified) that the restaurant was not closing, and condemning PoP for taking the above pretty f**king reliable evidence and reporting that it looked like they were closed. Ultimately, it’s confirmed…they are closed/closing.

    Other than a sworn statement taken before a notary by every person who has a financial interest in the business that the business is now closed, I’m not sure what you clowns think is sufficent evidence to report that it looks like a business is closing.

  • noooooooooooooooooooooo! bad news. I loved going there, at least once a year. Dammit. Should have gone back more.

  • I have to say that the correction process here is 10000x more timely and transparent than that of any newspaper. Thanks for all your efforts PoP.

  • Dan the only lesson you need to learn is that some of your readers take what they read here a little too seriously. Personally, I don’t know why anyone would take “someone told me this and here’s a picture of what I saw” to be anything other than exactly that. There was no problem here at all, you passed on what you heard and saw. Whatever anyone else did with that is their own choice.

  • voiceofreason

    I heard that Jamie killed thirteen adorable puppies with a dull kitchen knife. I saw a kitchen knife near Jamie’s residence.

    Don’t take what you read here too seriously though, it’s just what somebody told me.

    Ridiculous example? Sure. Clearly not true.

    The point is that people’s and businesses’ reputations and sometimes livelihoods are impacted by what is posted on this blog. The Rumbero’s rumor turned out to be true. Others may not. Either way, with such a high readership and the fact that this blog is for profit, it’s only fair that rumors be thoroughly investigated before they are posted. I don’t believe for one second that POP has an ounce of bad faith in his blogging, this isn’t an attack on him.

  • Bonnie

    The place was overpriced.


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