Washington, DC

window5, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“I’m writing because my dog, Olive, got loose this morning (Wed. 9/23) and ran off in Columbia Heights, possibly running down into LeDroit Park. I’m hoping you can post these photos and description.

Olive is a 2 year old, small/medium (25 lb), black and white border collie-corgi mix. She looks like a border collie with the body type and short legs of a corgi.

Olive is wearing a yellow flowered collar with tags and is micro-chipped. Her tags include my phone number so I’m praying that someone finds her or just spots her and calls me at 330-554-3658. We are posting flyers in the area with this information.

She slipped out of the house this morning on the corner of Sherman and Kenyon and ran south down Georgia Ave. She was spotted mid-morning around S street and Florida Ave and may have been spotted again at U and 1st. She may still be in this area or hopefully she is making her way back home towards 3214 Sherman Ave, near Harriet Tubman Elementary School.

We love Olive very much and will happily give a cash reward to anyone that can help bring her home. She is skittish with strangers, so approaching her slowly would work best. Cheese is her favorite treat and may help coax her.”


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