• Anonymous

    Ladies and Gentleman! I give you the Canadian Embassy!

  • MK

    Go on the architect’s website and look under at the McGill Terrace project and you can see what it will look like when its finished.

  • Petworth Newbie

    Future DC home of Nuni and Nooni Schoener – that futuristic Euro art dealer couple from SNL. Cotton candy, anyone?

  • If I ever commissioned a house featuring a screening room and 10-car parking, I would definitely want the architect to make and post a video justifying what he did. I suppose it is interesting to see that in the current economy, apparently someone still has money to burn.

  • Larchie

    Is that a single family residence?

  • anothermous

    I don’t like this light colored brick that is all the rage these days. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in too many new (and hastily built) buildings that use it.

  • anothermous

    and his website is making me dizzy

  • 14t

    they should leave up those plastic curtains… maybe replace them with silk ones… niiiiiiice.

  • schweeney

    Fugly. Who want’s to live in an office building?

  • ET

    Wow. These people must be exhibitionists. In a very unpopulated area with a huge vista this makes sense. Not sure about in the city (even if there is a good view from that side).

  • Emmaleigh504

    I think I like it, but can’t be sure until it is completed.

  • That is where the space aliens are going to stay for a couple of years before they destroy the earth in 2012. REPENT NOW YOU FOOLS!

  • MPHS

    A nice home for the BOSE family.

  • Omari

    Was *shocked* to learn from the architect’s video that this monument to ego is being commissioned by a B.E.T. executive.

    If only money bought class.

  • Anonymous

    Omari, really? Ugh. I was hoping annoying ambassador’s residence. I mean, the Bob Johnson School of Communications could use some refurbishment before this thing gets built. Boo.

  • @Anon 10:38, it’s not his, it’s Debra Lee’s. The video, while sort of weird, does have a nice bit about the previous and current owners.


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