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“Dear PoP,

I’m the brother of Amanda Mahnke, who was jogging on Connecticut at Florida on September 3 when she was hit by a Metrobus. She is recovering from serious injuries. I’m very grateful to the people who came to my sister’s aid that morning, and I would like to talk to anyone who was there. If you could post something encouraging people who were there, or who know someone who was there, to e-mail me (rm2159570 at gmail dot com), I would be appreciative. Since WTOP created some confusion on the point, I’d also like to mention there is no basis for the notion that Amanda was wearing earbuds that morning. Not that it should make a difference — joggers who are wearing earbuds should be safe from buses, too.”

If anyone saw something please email Robert at rm215570 (at) Gmail (dot) com. For those that missed the Post article – the driver of the metro bus has been fired.


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