Washington, DC

IMG_2026, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I told ya I found some nice painted ones this week. But looking at the house got me thinking about a Dear PoP that I’ve been meaning to post:

“Dear PoP,

In the end of 2008 I bought a house in the Park View neighborhood. My home was partially updated when I bought it and that included removing the wrought iron bars from the first floor windows and the door. I can see signs they had been there before. I’m getting tired of having to leave the windows closed for them to be locked, especially when I’m dying for a breeze. The constant opening/closing when I come and go is annoying. Additionally, I have my own dog and a rotating cadre of foster pups, and when I do have the windows open I’m sometimes nervous that a screen isn’t going to hold them back. (And, yes, snarky commenter in waiting, my dog is behaved but the nature of fostering can sometimes bring about unpredictable behavior). Is it ridiculous to want to put the bars back on my window (and door?)? Has anyone done this? Can anyone recommend someone? Is it going to be expensive as I’m thinking it is going to be?”

We discussed this issue a bit here but what do you guys think about this particular situation?


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