A Look Inside New Pop Up at 2317 15th Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth September 17, 2009 at 11:00 am 27 Comments


We judged this pop up a number of months ago (will have to add an updated photos soon) but the owner was nice enough to send a few photos. It looks amazing!

Thanks to the owners for being kind enough to share a peek. They also give a bit of background:

“We were very lucky to find a smart, green architect to guide us through this update, Rick Harlan Schneider, who specializes in earth-friendly modern design. His company is called iStudio: (www.istudioarchitects.com). He also works on community projects and is in the middle of designing a pretty cool public meeting center project with Takoma Park. He’s the real thing, not fake enviro–we were lucky to find him. He gave us good advice about use of materials, saving rain water, keeping down the chemical levels, proper disposal, re-use, etc., and we really love his design sense–simple and not overdone.”

2317 pics top-level-solar-door-open

2317 pics top-level-facing-street

2317 pics kitchen-to-dining


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