YES! Organic Market in Petworth (Georgia Ave. and Taylor) To Host Job Fair Monday Looks Close to Opening

by Prince Of Petworth August 9, 2009 at 10:36 pm 21 Comments


I received the following email Sunday evening:

“I was informed by the Yes staff in Brookland that the Yes store in Petworth opens tomorrow Monday!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Sadly, the celebration may be a bit premature. I took some photos on Sat. and it looks like they’re close to opening but not just yet. A job fair is always a good sign though!


  • Anonymous

    I AM EXCITED FOR YES ORGANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GforGood

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am orgasmic for organic!

  • 12th and W

    Listen, don’t get too excited. I couldn’t wait for the Yes at 14th and W to open – now I very rarely go. They are WAY overpriced. I mistakenly paid $8 for 3 tomatoes one time.

  • New2CH

    Yahoo! If we can’t have Ellwood Thompson’s, at least we get this …

  • GforGood

    12th and W, that’s my main concern too. But I am hoping they realise that if they want to really succeed they cannot overprice in this neighborhood as much as they can in the U St area.

  • eric in ledroit

    don’t count on it gforgood. same pricing in brookland.

  • Christina

    For low prices on produce, as well as just some unusual stuff you wouldn’t see at a Giant, nothing beats a big ethnic grocery store. (But I’m happy that Yes! is coming to the neighborhood)

  • Very happy about this news! The one on V is street has overpriced produce but they occasionally have some decent sales. I’ve purchased good wine for $7 a bottle and they have the best price on Amy’s organic soups in DC ($2.29 a can)

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Is WAAY overpriced, but I am happy they are opening in Petworth and I hope more places continue to open.

  • Anonymous

    oh, and i wish that the employees at the Adams Morgan store would have stopped following me because they thought i was stealing. I wasn’t. But I don’t go in there anymore because it’s so uncomfortable.

  • Bob

    Yeah, the pricing at Yes! can be pretty intense. 6 bucks for butter! What is in the butter, diamonds?

  • Anonymous

    I think it is really a shame that Petworth will now have as 2 options for grocery shopping: 1) the Yes market; and 2) the Stinky Safeway

    Talk about opposite extremes with nothing in between. What about a Harris Teeter, Trader Joe’s, or decent Safeway or Giant? Even a Whole Foods would serve the neighborhood a lot better.

  • Geezer

    Try to support them the best you can – shopping at new businesses is critical for the vitality of the neighborhood. But, if you find certain products way overpriced, ask the manager why this is the case and if the answer is unsatisfying, tell them that you will take your business elsewhere if price gouging continues. But give them a chance. Small businesses often have to charge a bit more for some items, that’s just the way it is. If shoppers always go for the cheapest items for every purchase, then don’t complain when your only shopping option is Walmart.

  • 12th and W

    I hear you, Geezer, but when _everything_ is a couple of dollars more than than Giant or Trader Joe’s, it just starts to seem pointless. Feta – $6 instead of $3. Crackers – $5 instead of $2.50. Tofu is a buck more. I could go on. In fairness, their wine and beer prices are reasonable.

  • Anonymous

    “In fairness, their wine and beer prices are reasonable.”

    Interesting… I bet that has something to do with there being dozens of other nearby places to buy beer and wine and very few other places to buy fresh produce / feta cheese / tofu. Sigh.

  • m.e.

    i bought three tomatoes at the farmers market in penn quarter two weeks ago, and they cost me….tada….$8!!

    that’s what i get for getting so carried away by their beauty and ripeness. gotta watch the price per pound. a nice big tomato often weighs about a pound.

    so i don’t buy the steak….and i cut the wine with something fizzy–“atkins sangria” is diet orange soda with red wine. sounds worse than it is.

  • JL

    The building this is located in is rent-controlled; if you make more than $41K per year, you aren’t eligible to rent there. Something a little weird about an upscale market selling $8.89 gallons of milk (not making this up) in a low-income housing project.

  • joe rivera

    My name is Chocolate and I love viejito of purple shirt…

  • Craig

    This is exciting! Petworth is in dire need of options. Giant is slightly too far away for walking, and the Safeway…don’t even get me started, but I’m so glad to hear someone else pointed out the “stinky” problem. It’s absurd that you have to hold your breath to shop.

  • Pennywise

    Anyone know if this market sells good steaks?

  • Dave

    I have followed Yes! since it was Home Rule Food many years ago (on Columbia Rd.). The owner has always impressed me as honest, intelligent, and quality minded. I’m glad to see him expanding and being successful.

    The new Georgia Avenue location is awesome. If you are observant, you will find good prices. The sushi deli is great and I’ve found the taste is better than in the average stores. I understand that the cook is a professional sushi chef which you often won’t find at other upscale stores.

    A recent find was the seaweed salad and the California (etc.) rolls. A frozen dinner I picked up (Tandoor Chef Chicken Curry) was out of sight!.


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