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  • Petworth Queen

    I only get Kalorama Caf

  • GforGood

    Just another option, and its nice to have a (hopefully) wide selection of organic this and that in one location. Here’s to hoping to fresh, well stocked produce in particular.

  • Petworth Newbie

    Too bad they don’t have bacon. Good place to get jars of coconut korma sauce, tofu, organic cereals and fresh yogurt.

  • GforGood

    What, no bacon?!?!? I will try to talk to the owners about this (and I am serious). :)

  • ontarioroader

    Re: no bacon – maybe the owners are Muslim or vegetarians?

  • RD

    The main reason everyone is excited: it is a grocery option and it is not the Stinky Safeway

  • Mark

    They have some really good precooked breakfast sausage. I used to get it at Balducci’s.

  • Nate

    I went by there the other day. They had yogurt, juices in a cooler. My gf wondered if the cooler was on to keep the perishables cold.

  • David

    I was bummed when I missed this note from PoP and walked over there after work yesterday.

  • bogfrog

    there’s a lot of packaged stuff. But there is also some stuff sold in bulk such as grains. And there are unusual items like bottle of acai (for $20). Not sure if there are other highlights?

  • GforGood

    So it should be open now! Would love to hear comments from anyone who may have already gone! PoP? :)

  • Jenn the Hen

    Just bought my biweekly groceries from the new Yes! on Georgia Ave. I can’t tell you how nice it was to shop on my home from work. Plus, this store is a pretty decent size, and had almost everything I wanted to get (missing buckwheat pancake mix which is the bomb) and I had great customer service. They of course had out the samples, and they had some good sales on chips, wine, and beer. The prepared food section is not open yet. The store looks great! As for produce, I’ve been to both this one and the brookland one, and they both had good produce, or at least better than the big stores.

    On a side note, I don’t know what was going on, but my cart static shocked me around 50 times to the point that I didn’t want to touch the cart! I don’t understand where the current was coming from, but who knows, I may be electrifying.

  • Col. Heights Gal

    Very large selection of beauty and related items (lotions, potions, soaps, clean yer body type of things). Would have also liked to see more non-packaged items too. Great bulk herb/spice collection from Frontier – they provide plastic bags, but maybe there’s a way to work out a price if you bring your own container. There were two neighborhood gentleman walking around in front of me – they seemed rather amused by the selection and kept talking about how excited they were to go home and watch their Ghostbusters video. I thought they were adorable, checking out all of the colorful packages and non-typical grocery store items. I am personally very excited to have Yes in our hood. I hope they will hold community events on health and healthy choices.

  • gidget

    just shopped there for the first time. jenn, i had exactly the same experience with the static electricity! everything i touched, shocked me. that whole place needs to be grounded or something. but the store was fabulous. they carry a really fabulous all natural coconut water from brazil that is seriously good and priced right. they have a lot of really great items, and probably enough to keep me from having to drive all the way over the the dc trader joe’s. the customer service was outstanding, and the place doesn’t smell like feet and rotting meat when you walk in the door (like, you know, safeway). the only thing i will still need to go to safeway/giant for are paper products and cat food, and some other sundries. but i thought the prices at yes! were really reasonable. for instance, a whole chicken at safeway is $7, and you can get one at yes! for $8, and it’s not gross. it’s totally worth that extra dollar for better food. their produce was great and about 12 million times more fresh than safeway’s (i know, not difficult, but still). i was just really impressed. felt like a kid in a candy store. if you look around, you can see a lot of other giddy neighborhood people. could not be happier. well, if they’d put a trader joe’s in that new building next to wendy’s, yeah, i’d be happier, but this’ll do, pig.

  • Christina

    I just got back a little while ago and I thought it was delightful. A song I like came on over the in-house radio and I started singing along quietly, then noticed two other women in the aisle with me were also singing. We were singing in the grocery store, we were so happy! Yay for choices! I don’t think it’s a place where I could do *all* of my shopping, but I love having this option just a few short blocks away.

    I saw bacon when I went. I didn’t buy any, but I definitely saw it.

    I was trying to explain that Safeway smell to a friend of mine from out of town. It’s not even anything as obvious as rotting food…it’s more complex than that, almost, though just as disgusting. And i remember how the Safeway people were trying to tell us how things were going to get better before the big renovation they had planned. Ha!

    I didn’t notice the static. Maybe that’s because I have a metal plate in my head?



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