Washington, DC


Surfside is located at 2444 Wisconsin Ave, NW. Its Web site says:

“Surfside is all about laid-back, simple preparations with grilled steak, fish, shrimp and chicken with a wide array of fresh vegetables served on a colorfull plate in a bright open space. Perfect for a quick bite or a gathering with friends – great for families and kids. Discover our rooftop deck and the authentic bold flavors of our fresh made salsas, moles, curries and the best guacamole in town. Enjoy a frozen margarita, tropical blender drink or sangria with your meal or choose from an eclectic mix of international beers and wines.”

You can see their menu here. It is amazing to me how many new restaurants have come to Glover Park in the last 5 years. This stretch is of Wisconsin Ave. really has a nice vibe going on now. So any fans of Surfside? It was pretty crowded when I walked by…


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