Washington, DC

NightOut 002, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

This ghastly thing was on Columbia Rd. It was a trailer with glass enclosing a casket and the goriest pictures I have seen in my life of gunshot wounds to the face and torso. I asked Marco S., the DCPD liaison who organized the PSA 302 event on Columbia, if he had lined up the hideous casket ‘n’ blood trailer – he said he didn’t know who invited them, they just showed up!”

I actually think that could be a pretty good deterrent. What do you guys think – too graphic?

Also from National Night Out:

“Dear PoP,

Get this. MPD PSA 405 had a Night out event on the unit block of Buchanan St, NE tonight. One of the questions asked was related to littering. Did you know the city does not have a litter law? Yep thats right if you toss trash the street in front of a cop, they can’t do anything! The only law on the books is illegal to through trash from a moving vehicle. Apparently though, you can pull over and shovel trash out of your car on the curb and it is perfectly legal.

I am just stunned This is the national’s capital for goodness sakes.

I am writing my Councilmember.”

Is it possible that DC doesn’t have a litter law? That seems insane to me. I always thought they just weren’t really enforced but surely one has to be on the books – anyone know for sure?


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