Washington, DC

DSCN1195, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve been in contact with the owners of Room 11 on a weekly basis. I’m happy to report that they say:

“We received our certificate of occupancy last week and also passed the health department inspection.”

You can see photos inside the space, located at the corner of 11th and Lamont, here.

And here’s the scoop I received Monday afternoon – soft opening (not open to public) August. 4th, 5th, and 6th.  They will open to the public on August 10th. Of course it’s possible that those dates could change by a day or two but since they’ve got the certificate of occupancy (c of o) they are good to go. There are a few finishing touches needed but you’ll be able to check them out very soon!

Ed. Note: I’m sure there will be a minority that is not happy about this space. And I’m fairly confident they are a very small minority. But those that don’t like this idea are welcome to leave their opinions of course. What I would suggest is that a more helpful response is, not to complain about the “whiners”. That is a vicious circle that really does no good for anyone. I suggest, if you like the spot or the idea of the spot then simply say so. If there are 20 positive comments and 5 negative comments then the sentiment is there. But we don’t need to get into this endlessly repetitive argument of those who like wine bars vs. those that think it is too expensive or whatever. If that’s how they feel then that’s how they feel and that’s cool too. But, if you like it – say so. For the record I am super psyched about this joint and can’t wait to visit it often.


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