Washington, DC


Recently there have been a number of comments that have crossed the line. From time to time I delete comments. It’s not often but if someone uses the “N” word, or curses out a user I will automatically delete it. It is no secret that I am taking PoP full time in November. My IT guy and I are currently working on developing PoP 2.0 for a November release. There will be lots of new features that I hope you’ll find useful. But the question has been raised about registration and I’d like your input. You see, personally, I hate registering. I just find it terribly annoying. Registering has pretty much killed the forum section. Having said that, the number of readers and commenters has grown (thankfully) to a size where I can’t monitor all comments in a timely manner. I certainly don’t want to discourage commenting. But I also don’t want to make this site a place for bigots. Normally, the community is pretty good and pretty quick about quashing those comments.

So for the PoP 2.0 version would you like to have a one time registration process or would you like me to occasionally delete racist comments combined with the community’s self policing?


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