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  • Odentex

    Great pictures!

    It is interesting that the sash across the younger gal seems to read “Miss Maryland’s Outstanding Teen.” I was not aware that one of the perks of being Miss Maryland was your own stable of teens. Miss Maryland is a little rough-looking, so I hope none of her teens try to escape!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! That is so friggin’ hilarious Odentex. When I first saw that pic, i thought it was from the recent Gay Pride parade and Miss Maryland was a drag queen!

  • Nita

    Love that soldier shot; what a cool effect. I have to agree with anon 3:15 though, Miss Maryland looks kinda tranny… so much so that I jumped on the Miss Maryland website and I swear that whomever is on the float is not the same person as on the website.

  • not telling

    I find the second picture annoying. It would have been a fine picture if the photographer hadn’t whipped out the photoshop filters and messed with it. It makes me dizzy.

  • Mal

    @ Nita – Agreed! The website Miss Maryland and the Miss Maryland from this photo look NOTHING alike! What gives?!

  • RD

    Miss Maryland looks like she’s smelling old cheese

  • quigley

    you guys…..

  • EPF

    Miss Maryland or Mr Maryland?

  • Not Tellin’: It’s not my shot, but Photoshop isn’t required to pull that off…. can be done with camera only. Just sayin’…

  • quigley
  • Anonymous

    Ms. Maryland looks GHAAAASTLY.


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