Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza Starts Delivery Tuesday

by Prince Of Petworth July 6, 2009 at 10:39 pm 19 Comments

Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza, originally uploaded by mkw4114.

When we talked about this last week the delivery stopped at Sherman. But thanks to your comments the initial delivery area has been expanded. From an email:

“Taking feedback from the comments section on PoP and some good Twitter traffic into consideration, we’ve decided to move the boundary on the east side of the initial delivery area to Georgia Avenue, not Sherman. This will allow us to incorporate the residential side streets between Ga and Sherman.

Also, there’s a $20 minimum on delivery orders.

We’re going to be taking the first week very much day by day. Co-owner and Petworth resident Joel Mehr will be taking all the calls, and using his judgment hour-by-hour as to whether the delivery staff can effectively deliver within the initial delivery area or not. If it’s slow, deliveries outside the area may be accepted; if it’s slammed, the area may need to be limited temporarily to ease the rush and ensure good service.

We’ll keep you posted. We’ll be tweeting as much as we can during the first week to keep things up to date.

Thanks, PoP readers.”


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