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Anacostia Guerilla Art

by Prince Of Petworth June 30, 2009 at 11:55 pm 12 Comments

3662972633_12ae62f92c_b, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“This is the corner of Maple View and High in Anacostia. Don’t know the name of the abandoned public housing complex, but the neighborhood has been trying for years to get the city to demolish this junk. The guerilla art tactic is new. I guess that’s a reference to Jacob’s Ladder? My theology is a little thin.”

Well this certainly seems like a good Horse’s Ass Award nominee. I can’t say I dig the art too much but I respect the effort. Think it’s a Jacob’s Ladder reference? What’s it gonna take to get this run down complex demolished?

  • saf

    I can’t see what you’re talking about – can you point it out?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s the pole like structures on the right hand side of the photo.

  • MPHS

    I don’t believe that property is an abandoned public housing complex. Whatever its issues, the housing authority has not abandoned any of its public housing stock.

    It’s an apartment complex. Looks like it was gutted for eventual rehab, though it sure isn’t being maintained at all. Any way, I like the idea of guerilla artists targeting vacant and abandoned properties, regardless of who owns it.

  • Ro

    the poles are the art? Detroit is much better at this than us.

  • Anonymous

    Are we sure this is actually intended to be art? Just looks like a bunch of old poles to me.

  • saf

    OK, this is how I can tell my eyes are getting old. All I see is poles, and I can’t figure out what marks them as art rather than weird blue poles just sitting there.

    So, IMO, it’s just poles.

  • eric in ledroit

    marcel duchamp would love this discussion

  • crin

    On that yellow disc it says “Celebrating life in Anacostia. I am art” What would duchamp say about art labeled as art?

    I like the ladder on the roof. That’s better than the tubes.

  • eric in ledroit

    wow that makes it even MORE duchamp-y. awesome.

  • saf

    crin – wow, good eyes.

    PoP – give us a bigger picture!

  • As the owner of Anacostia River Realty, which is located only blocks away from many of these abandoned buildings, it’s time for the mayor and DC Council to hear our calls for the the District to either take over ownership or demolish these eyesores.

    Darrin Davis
    Anacostia Real Estate Agent


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