Washington, DC


There is a huge hole in the middle of the city near the George Washington University campus. I mean it is huge. I’m dying to know what it’s slated to become. You can’t miss it but you’ll find it at the corner of 23rd and I Streets, NW. Anyone know what the story is here?


Updated from Wikipedia:

“Square 54 Redevelopment is a complex of high-rise buildings located in Washington, D.C., United States. The complex will serve as mixed-use, two buildings will be used for residential use, while the third building will serve as an office-building. The complex will be completed with three buildings, Square 54 Residential I, Square 54 Residential II, and Square 54 Office. Square 54 Residential I is expected to rise 48 metres (160 ft), featuring 14 floors.[1][2] Square 54 Residential II is expected to rise 44 metres (140 ft), featuring 12 floors.[3][4] Finally, Square 54 Office, is expected to rise 45 metres (150 ft), featuring 11 floors.[5][6] Construction of every building will be completed in 2010. Each building will be designed by the architect, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.”


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