Washington, DC

IMG_3468, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

Do you have any idea what was going on at the U St. metro station Sunday afternoon? My wife and I walked by at about… I’m guessing… 7:00. And both entrances of the station were closed off with police tape, numerous officers, etc. As we were walking the block btwn. 12th and 13th, a police canine unit showed up and the dog and handler jumped out and the dog started sniffing around for who knows what. It was quite a scene. Any ideas?”

I hadn’t heard anything. Did anyone else see/hear what happened?

Also a reader writes about some action in North Country:

“At 7:20 this morning (Thursday), ten FBI agents in bulletproof vests entered a house on 5th St between Gallatin and Hamilton. I watched them approach the house, where they fanned out and took up positions. When I drove by, they were talking with someone standing outside in a suit. Not sure if it’s connected to the events of the past week on 7th St (which is only one block away, btw)”


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