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  • nate

    Sady, i knew Flyy Couture wouldn’t make it. Petworth is not much of a shopping hub.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the Meridian Pint building looks dramatically different from the last time I saw it. It looks like nearly everything that had been salvaged from the exterior of the original building is now gone.

  • anon

    My understanding is that the exterior of the building is scheduled to be completed within three months, which seems fairly unrealistic, with the restaurant opening by the end of the year (probably more likely winter 2010).

  • anon

    meant to say, “realistic”!

  • alaaro

    Oh thee of little faith. I bet building shell done August, then interior tenant work begins, Meridian Pint/Joint Chiefs Lounge open by Thanksgiving.

  • new hampy

    not shocked about Flyy Couture. that stretch up georgia has such potential and is so neglected. i think it’s going to be quite a while before we start seeing some businesses that are a better fit for the community. sadly, until that happens we’re stuck with wendys and gas stations.

  • Binklesworth

    Is it a coincidence there’s the reflection of a U-Haul in the picture of Flyy?

    Meridian Pint by Thanksgiving? That would be super sweet. Can’t bloody open fast enough.


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