Potential New Restaurant/Bar Coming to Columbia Heights and Your Suggestions Requested

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2009 at 9:56 pm 147 Comments

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So last week an eagle eyed reader had noticed that the “coming soon” sign for Sake to be located on Irving Street, just west of 14th Street, had vanished. So I spoke with some folks and indeed Sake is no longer coming. What I learned is that the two spots pictured above are going to be combined into one restaurant/bar (much like Commonwealth is set up.)


So here’s the scuttlebutt, it seems that there is some talk of a bar opening up in this space that could fill a gap for this section of Columbia Heights. One of the ideas is to open up a spot that, in addition to having a nice outdoor area, would have pool tables, maybe a ping pong table, maybe some table shuffleboard etc. I imagine it would be a chill spot along the lines of a Stetsons (16th and U). I do believe you would be able to get bar food like burgers and nachos etc. But nothing is in stone here.

So (and I know for a fact that your comments will be read by those considering opening up here) do you think this would be a good addition to the bar scene in Columbia Heights? If not, what type of restaurant/bar would you like to see in this combined space?

  • Anonymous

    This would be great – I love going to the Derby to shoot pool but it’s disappointing when the ONE table there is locked up. Another option in the immediate area would be great and I’d definitely visit it frequently.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds good to me. Hopefully not too many pool tables because it can be annoying to get poked in the back with a pool stick. They tend to take up a ton of space. But it sounds like a welcome addition to me. Never look a gift horse in the mouth!

  • Solives

    That’s a sweet idea. If it’s going to be a bar, not a restaurant, I’d say go with multiple bars. Tables are fine, but to be honest, I prefer it when I can sit at the bar. I go out for drinks with one to two other people regularly. I don’t want to sit at a table, I want to have a few seats at a bar. So often, the few seats in a bar are full…okay, I think I made that point.

    A range of taps, that’s a great thing. Even if it’s a bar, have a good selection of wine. Not a huge amount, just a few nice reds and whites. I like a range of whisky too.

    I like Bar Pilar, Next Door, Axis, etc, but they’re packed and it’s hard to get seats unless you time it correctly. But I live in CH, and I long for something up here. I’m not going to come for the games all the time, but I’ll come regularly if you have a good bar with room and friendly bartenders. I may even randomly pop in soley for a round of darts! Thank you for the opp to provide input! That’s the joy of living in this wonderful, expanding neighborhood.

  • I can picture something cool, with a little more stylish design, like Rocket Bar in that building. Personally, I;d rather see a 24 hour diner or something in the Open City mold, but a nice bar with outdoor seating sounds good to me!

  • A sports bar would definitely be nice – with pool, for sure. But that can run the gamut from say, Buffalo Billiards to Kokopoolis. I’ve only been to each just a few times, but I certainly found Kokopoolis to be the more hilarious, with the hype girl singing off key and not really hyping any one up… but the venue in CH seems much more suited to a dark-wood trimmed, low light, green visored pool hall.

    And with an alternative to the always-crowded wonderland trivia night? Yes, please.

  • Redhead

    I’m with Mr. T. 24 Hour Diner please!

  • GW2L

    One of the things I think is hardest to find in DC is a low key sports bar that isn’t over-priced for beer (hello, Buffalo Billiards- overpriced and obnoxious). If this filled that void, I’d be there all the time.

  • New2CH

    Yeah, there is gonna be pool I believe in the Meridian Pint, so not so much of a huge need for a pool hall type place. But what CH SORELY lacks is a sports bar. I (and any others) would live in that space on fall Saturdays / Sundays if they showed all the football games on good TV’s, with solid food and beer selections to boot. They would also do a great business during NCAA tournaments and World Cups, among other big sporting events.

  • Chuck

    I would love to see an RFD/Brickskellar type place with an extensive beer selection. A few TVs for sports, Wifi for the 4:00-5:00 PM weekday crowd, and a solid menu of bar food…I’d frequent it regularly.

  • Anonymous

    air hockey, please!

  • Kristen

    I second the idea of a sports bar*. It is something that CH sorely needs. While the idea of a simple bar with recreational games is appealing, there are a lot of Red Derby and Wonderland loyalists who I doubt will give up “their place” to a similar dive just because they have outdoor tables and fooz ball. I know from my experience I have to travel to U Street or Adams Morgan to watch games in a spirited setting, but if something were closer I would definitely (!) be interested.

    I personally would love a Philly teams bar πŸ˜‰ Anyone? Anyone?

  • Anonymous

    I just like that you said “scuttlebutt.”

  • 900sQuincy

    Open City/Diner/Tryst, please

  • Victoriam

    I want puppets.

  • Yeah

    I definitely would be at a sports bar in this location quite a bit, and as a huge billiards fan, would be there even more.

    Things a good sports bar needs:

    1) Some kind of cheap beer, especially in this recession (in addition to various more expensive beers)

    2) a basic non-stop commitment to the big games

  • Eric

    If making it a sports bar will get some people out of Commonwealth so I can better enjoy that place, that is fine. I can’t imagine ever going to a sports bar at that location, but if it thins out the crowds from cool places, I guess it will serve a purpose.

  • LNic

    Not Open City/Diner/Tryst please. No. Sports bar, yes.

  • Bloomingdale

    A sports bar would nicely cement CH’s emerging reputation as Herndon-on-the-Potomac. Seriously I wouldn’t want to go to a sports bar, but it would probably be a successful business model. I’d prefer something without blaring TVs though. I like the Saloon on U Street.

  • geen

    I agree with Chuck – an RFD type place (with some pool and air hockey tables thrown in) would be great. I know I’d go.*

    *As long as it was reasonably priced. If it’s $17 fried chicken like at Ben’s Next Door, you can forget it.

  • Anonymous

    A decent breakfast option is needed, particularly a concept that offers somewhat healthy options.

  • If it must be a bar, let it be a bar. That is, no pretentions towards gastropubdom or menu items that reflect more creativity than edibility…or affordability…

    Decent working-class pub-grub, no diamond-crusted angel eyeballs with poofy european residue on the side… Seriously. I dig Commonwealth but the menu lacks a decent sandwich. Wonderland kicks all their foody arses with their humble chilidog. The up-market stuff has its place, but that corner could use something simpler and more affordable. That would have much more staying-power, I’ll wager, than the clever menu items.

    oh, and a decent english brown ale on tap would be lovely.


  • saf

    If it were to become a sports bar, I would hope it would focus on DC sports. I am sick to death of places catering to out of towners. Give us a place that we can watch the Nats without having to beg the bartender to turn ONE tv away from the Yankees/Sox/Mets/Orioles, and you’d have a nice loyal clump of us.

  • Anonymous

    i got two words for you. Skee Ball. put a few skee ball lanes in there. ill be there everyday after work.

  • superdude

    This all sounds great! I never go to Commonwealth b/c of the prices, though, so something that is affordable would be awesome.

  • IHOP (24 7)

  • alaaro

    Stetsons is one of my favorite bars in the city – anything like that would be glorious.

  • Binklesworth

    Pool, shuffleboard, skee ball, puppets, ping pong – awesome. I’d love a chill place like Atomic Billiards.
    Sports bar? Come on…they’re as commonplace as psuedo Irish pubs. The worst thing about sports bars is that they’re covered in televisions.

  • 14stbulletz

    we need a place with pool and ping pong where at-risk young professionals can go…

  • WDC

    One of the things the potential new owners will have to be careful about is choosing amongst all the feedback. I can see how it would be tempting to try to be all things to all people, and that usually fails. I have to say that even though it’s not my personal idea of a good time, a sports bar with good pub food would likely do very well in CH.

    Here’s my suggestion: break up the space into sort-of separate rooms. Have a surcharge for private parties. Take game requests for the various spaces. This will cut down on the overall noise level, allow for different team loyalties, and even offer hope to non-sports-enthusiasts that they might enjoy a burger and a pint without getting trampled by crazed drunken fans.

  • Cookietime420

    I’m one of those folks who lived so long with nothing but vast vacant lots in Columbia Heights that they’ll effectively welcome any commercial development. Does anybody remember shoze days? (excuse me, my dentures are slipping). Kids now, just have no idea what it was Columbia Heights used to be. When both the CVS and 7-11 opened, they were hailed as great advances! Of course, the standard is now thankfully much higher but my expectations have been wildly exceeded. I’m quite pleased with it all, but I’d be OK with a friggin McDonald’s. In the old days, if there was a debate about opening up a business, the options would be a wig shop vs. a nudie bar. Will I patronize whatever opens there. Hell Yea. My preference…..a book store/coffee shop/cafe, bar that shows premier league futbol and PG United games, bar with shuffle board, performance space/bar, garden center, 24-hour diner, and so on.

  • I second the idea of a gay-friendly sports bar with puppets and $17 fried chicken. They should call it “Scuttlebutts” or “Butttpirates” or something prefaced by “El Pollo.”

  • zoom268

    Any place that doesn’t attract Hipsters or Yuppies is preferred. Thanks.

  • anon

    A few responses:

    (1) the chili dog, like all the food at Wonderland, is abominable / barely edible
    (2) that area of Columbia Heights already has Target, Five Guys, etc., so in terms of making this some sort of quiet charming area, that ship has already sailed (14th north of Park and 11th St. are more suited for a variety of reasons — first and foremost being the rents around the metro — for the smaller, funker businesses, and fortunately those continue to arrive). Hence a sports bar would fit in well and provide a truly appreciated service to the area … if they market it right, it would be absolutely packed on college football days (market to the right alumni bases), pro football days (no brainer), during NCAA tourney, for big soccer games (again, marketing) as well as other major sporting events. There is simply no place to watch a sporting (or for that matter, an other) type of event in Columbia Heights or Petworth that has food, liquor, plentiful large TV’s, and space.
    (3) Two breakfast options are already coming soon, one to that building (Tynan Coffee, which is planning on a fairly extensive breakfast menu), the other being the Uptowner, so that need should soon be met. Touch base with the Tynan owners as to what breakfast items you’d like to see as they are very interested in community input. I think Room 11 and Meridian Pint will also eventually offer brunches.

  • enus gobunger

    but bring on the yupsters, right zoom268?

  • Anonymous

    Columbia Heights is over-populated with bars. I’d prefer just about any type of establishment other than a bar. Book store? Yeah, dying breed I know. Lawn and garden center would be nice. Full service hardware/paint store maybe? Music store? Rent is probably too high for that. Rents seem to be so high around here than only large sandwich shop chains or places that make money off alcohol sales can afford them. A bar is better than nothing, but man we have a lot of bars around here.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • WDC

    Food and drink is something that we all do, every day. So we demand variety. While I love the idea of a proper hardware store, I don’t think it would succeed here because we a high proportion of renters (who aren’t doing their own home repairs) and we have very little in the way of private greenspace– not a lot of demand for fertilizer, sprinklers, etc. And the items that people with no yard and no home repairs might need from a hardware store (shower curtain, towel racks, drawer pulls) are already available at Target and BB&B. I don’t love it, but that’s the reality.

    But, there’s always hope for a new bar or restaurant. The chains, by definition, can’t offer the one thing we truly value: variety.

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking a sports bar…like Always Sunny’s Paddy’s Pub…but out of that episode where it becomes the hottest gay bar in Philadelphia.

  • SG

    Columbia Heights is overpopulated with bars? If anything, I think it’s underserved and a bit lacking in nightlife compared to other neighborhoods.

  • Chris

    Columbia Heights has plenty of bars, we don’t need any more bars. Please, please, please put an Arby’s in this space. The only Arby’s in the area is in the Glenmont shopping mall at the end of the red line. There’s also one in Arlington but like the Glenmont Arby’s it’s way out of the way and extremely inconvenient. Everybody’s sick of Five Guys. Put an Arby’s there.

  • Anonymous

    Zoom268: can I get a definition on “hipster” and “yuppie”? So’s I know if I can come in to the new place.

    I think I’m a yuppie, sadly. Young Urban Professional, right? But not a hipster. I don’t have any tattoos. Ruling, please?

  • enus gobunger

    Anon – I don’t think you need tats to be a hipster. In fact, the tatooed hipsters might be a subsection of the hipster movement.

    And don’t worry. I’m a yuppie too. It happens.

  • Anonymous

    Wait three years and the young hipsters will be gone, along with the businesses that cater to them. The current ones will move up in the world professionally and start to marry off, have kids, and move on. The residential rents will creep up and new, young hipsters will find another neighborhood to swarm. The businesses in CH will morph to address their new market, aging gay men, young-ish families, and the folks in public housing. The Wonderlands and Gastropubs of the world will move on to H Street or Fort Totten or wherever the “new Columbia Heights” shows up. CH will look like a cross between Mt. Pleasant and Tenleytown.

  • Contrary to rumors, Arby’s Roast Beef is not made from a paste, gel, liquid, powder, or Rosie Odonnel’s nutsack.

  • Jackie

    Sports bar would be the best type of bar to put it. Isn’t the place they are currently building on 11th street going to be the rocket bar type place in the area? No point in there being two of them.

  • SG

    Anon 10:55- that’s CLASSIC! And probably not far from the truth. It’s sort of the evolution of the city.

  • Anon
  • Kristen

    Seriously? Arbys?! Vom.

  • noway

    anon1055 – will it? or will this neighborhood go back to what it was before the yuppie explosion? Poor, gross, crime ridden, with businesses catering to the project housing? Gentrification is the only thing that kept CH from becoming Anacostia.

  • Anonymous

    This area now will have a dedicated supply of hipsters and yuppie aspirants, thanks to all the large high-end buildings, the Metro stop, the WSC, the Giant, and the Target. It’s one-stop shopping living in CH. The ones here now will go to grad school, get married, get promoted, or something, and new ones will take their place. They make approximately 37-61k/yr in entry-level (or close) positions, have college degrees, and live with roommates, which effectively amplifies their household income. So build something that they like. Sports bars seem about right. At the rents I imagine attach to this space, you’re likely looking at a chain (Wild Wings Cafe, BW3) or the like, lots of flat screen TVs, fried bits aplenty, and lots of bottles of Bud Lite. And I’d be OK with that.

  • eric in ledroit

    agree with SG – anon 10:55 really nailed it

  • Chris’ girlfriend

    Arby’s would bring joy to many people in Columbia Heights, especially one specific household on Park. It would probably make the street smell really good too. Roast beef is actually a very lean meat! There’s so many good things you could say about Arby’s.

  • Anonymous

    holy moly skee ball would be awesome. I can’t think of any places that have that. I don’t watch sports other than DC united (which is harder to find on tv in a bar than you might imagine) but every guy I know wants a sports bar in CH.

  • Chris

    So it looks like the top 2 most popular ideas are a) Arby’s and b) another bar. I’m personally leaning towards Arby’s, but curious to hear what other people think.

  • JR

    I wouldn’t mind a sports bar if it were a more mature sports bar (comfortable seating, some darts, nice decor). What I would NOT want is a place that has 2 inches of beer on the floor at 1 AM with a bunch of 19 year old frat guys and sorority girls in tube tops writing around on a “dance floor” (tables pushed out of the way), while their friends smoke cigarettes and talk on cell phones outside. I’ve already been to college once, and that was enough. If that’s how it’s going to be, my vote is for Arby’s πŸ™‚

  • WDC

    From the Simpson’s episode where all the children get stranded on a desert island:
    Sherry/Terri Hibbert: “I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s!”
    Other kids: “(horrified) Ooohhh…”

  • Bryan

    Panera – zero in the city of DC, but 200 Cosi’s and ABPs. We need a Panera

  • PetworthRes

    Arby’s? IHOP? Are you kidding? Ugh. Same reaction to a sports bar, meh. I’d be way more enthusiastic about having more non-chain inexpensive ethnic restaurants along the lines of Pho 14.

  • Columbia Heights Dude

    GUN STORE!!!! I need a place to get some ammo!

  • Ferdelance

    Arbys would be a great addition.

  • Anonymous

    Arby’s!? Hell no! Anything but a fast food chain. Litter is already bad enough around establishments like Wendy’s on Georgia Ave. and any and all take out places that dot the “transitional” neighborhoods.

  • Ferdelance

    There should be a poll. Arbys or sportsbar.

  • Anonymous

    Buffalo Wild Wings

  • No f&[email protected] Arby’s!

    What a goddamn waste that would be.

  • Ferdelance

    Theres no restaurant in our neighborhood that has a descent roast beef sandwich.

  • Jimmy D

    I could definitely get into a neighborhood sports bar type of place. You would see me there pretty regularly for football and baseball games. I might even pre-game there before heading down to Nats park to watch in person.

  • Chris’ girlfriend’s friend

    “Seriously? Arbys?! Vom.”

    that’s way harsh. have you even tried one of their market fresh sandwiches?

  • Derek

    If it’s a bar, please, please, for the love of god, please have a real non-internet jukebox with worthwhile tunes. See e.g., bedrock billiards, the black cat, etc.

  • Chris

    Did you know that President Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once lost half a finger while working at an Arby’s in Illinois? My point is, if you voted for Barack Obama you should support an Arby’s coming to Columbia Heights.

  • I could go with Arby’s…

  • Anonymous

    What I’d really like to see is a Dollar Store. It would have affordable items for everyone that lives in CH and would not attract noise, litter or anything else negative. They’d make a big profit in this economy.

  • A dollar store?

    Yes, because what we all need in this economy is more cheap plastic crap made in China, sold by a store that would employ 3 people at minimum wage.

  • GforGood

    Nah… give me a _good_ Italian restaurant and I would be happy (no, Pete’s few pasta dishes are not enough).

  • Ferdelance

    I don’t understand why so many people hate Arbys?

  • DDoubleUD

    I second Buffalo Wild Wings. Or a wings joint in general.

  • Jim

    anything but an arby’s. their “food” is atrocious.

  • SG

    Plenty of Dollar Stores up and down 14th as well as Mt Pleasant Street.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, mystery entrepreneurs (we know you’re here):

    What do you think of the feedback? Assuming you haven’t rushed out to pick up an Arby’s franchise application, are you hearing what you wanted/ expected to hear? Got specific questions for those of us with enough job security to spend our working hours on the ‘net thinking about beer and whatnot?

  • Anonymous

    if i was an entrepreneur i wouldn’t put much stock in the comments here. self-selected, small sample size=very skewed results.

  • Anonymous

    Sports Bar will make you rich.

  • Ferdelance

    Arbys will make you richer.

  • Anonymous

    skee ball. skee ball. skee ball.

  • anon

    Arby’s is god awful rest-stop qualify food. Horrific. Anything but fast food, the last thing we need in this community is more obesity and heart disease.

    IHOP also sucks, but original pancake house would rule — that place would do HUUUUUGGEEE business in Columbia Heights with BOTH older and newer residents, one of the few places with across-the-spectrum appeal. There is none anywhere nearby and the one in Bethesda absolutely kills it. And it is so damn good. I’d vote for sports bar or OPH.

    For hardware, folks, just walk to Pfeiffer’s – it’s only another three blocks, has awesome service and selection, and is a community business worth supporting.

    Bookstores and large music stores are, alas, becoming obsolete and obsolete, respectively, due to Amazon and itunes. Never gonna happen. Some slightly higher end clothing stores (higher end than Marshall’s, I mean) would be pretty sweet …

  • don’t understand why so many people hate Arbys?

    Arbys used to roast real roast beef. In the 1970s, they switched to a heavily-processed lunchmeat-style beef “product” that was cheaper and had the consistency of foam rubber, only with slightly less taste. If that’s what you’re into, more power to you, but this stuff is the Devil’s roast beef. He’s sitting in hell right now laughing and eating an Arby’s Q sandwich with Jalapeno Bites and making Oral Roberts live up to his name.

  • Anonymous

    skee ball, shuffleboard, bean bag toss, ping pong if there’s room please.
    arby’s- gag me with roast “beef”

  • Victoriam

    Maybe not in this exact location, but I would campaign to bring Ruff ‘N Ready up the street (currently at 14th & T with a falling-down roof) They were the anchor store for years to bring people into that area, which now has St. Ex and a great variety of little stores, restaurants and bars. Too bad the folks at DC USA don’t realize that compromising their high rents to attract a place like this would bring them much more income in the long run. Bars and restaurants here might be great, but there is no real reason to come to CH just for them when are great bars and restaurants everywhere. One unique cool place like R ‘n R would make it a destination.

  • EMG


  • Pat

    Am I the only person here who thinks it’s nice to live in a neighborhood that *doesn’t* have a sports bar?

  • enus gobunger

    yes…yes you are

  • alaaro

    WOW Wingery is a sports bar, and from what I understand, was still clinging to a strong maybe for DCUSA.

  • JR

    Oh, dammit Johnny, you know I love my Big Beef and Cheddar!

  • bigmamma

    I’m pretty sure that whatever ends up in that space – a sports bar, Arby’s, sushi, Ihop, hardware store – a huge group of people will be pissed about it. There’s so many people out there who are so angered by any progress certain neighborhoods make. Clearly, anything in that building would be better for the neighborhood, but there’s no way everyone’s going to be happy with it. Good luck!!!

  • rdo


    *Arby’s is still delicious.

  • Ferdelance

    I’m suprised nobody suggested a wine bar.

  • El Gringo

    Arby’s Roast Beef?
    The Uptowner Cafe will have sliced to order roast beef sandwiches…I tried their location in Foggy bottom after reading about it in PoP…Food quality high, pretty good selection of what I would call “carver sandwiches”. So, no need for Arby’s now. (whew)

    A Sports Bar?
    I agree that it would probably do pretty well. The problem with that location is that the business needs to be high margin (Commonwealth) OR high volume (5 guys)…this severely limits the viability of a “unique local business”. And, as mentioned above, music/books/home improvement stores are never going to survive there. The first two are headed the way of the video rental store and the last one is overwhelmed by a renting population.

    One way to side step the sports bar haters/nonusers would be to arrange the place as some like a “Columbia Heights Tavern” meaning that one half can be games&sports&drink focused (perhaps the former Sake Club half?) and the other half can be food&conversation&drink focused (the former Zinnia half). Have a full wall between the two with just a few doorways and you can create two scenes in the same place. Have one kitchen, but maybe TWO bars to allow for high volume nights that don’t kill the vibe in the quieter half with rowdy sports enthusiasts….Not sure if this is a practical solution, but the core idea here is to use the large space to create more than one vibe in the location.

  • Anonymous

    @1213 — BINGO. They don’t pay any attention to this. Even if they did, they’d stop once they got to the second mention of Arby’s (what with its delicious Jamocha shakes).

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard Arby’s has fantastic curly fries.

  • Victoriam

    . . . but I’ll go with the sports bar if they show Aussie Rules football!

  • animal mother

    A sports bar would be a blight on the neighborhood. Please just copy Tryst. Or the Diner. But make sure it has awesome outdoor seating and removable windows like the Diner for the warm months. Thanks.

  • jot

    I would love a 24-hour concept (like a diner) to open in this location to help support and bring even more diversity to Columbia Heights – one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in all of D.C. There are enough people in the neighborhood/adjacent neighborhoods to support it. πŸ™‚

  • jot

    Oh, yes. I almost forgot. And, please…. Open windows like Tryst for the warmer months πŸ™‚

  • anon

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a 24 hour diner. But there is, I’m afraid, simply no way CH could support it. You need a lot of nightlife ending at 2/3 a.m. and the subsequent hungry crowds to support a 24 hour diner and CH is many things but it is not a big nightlife destination, nor likely to be one anytime in the forseeable future. If that concept got killed (as POP reported) on the corner of 14th and U, hard to see how it could be appealing in a much quieter / less active area like CH.

  • JC

    You’re right anonymous, Arby’s does have fantastic curly fries! And fantastic everything else. I’m for Arby’s!

    Since renovation 14th and Irving has become one of the most beautiful and impressive blocks in the entire district. It would be a shame to befoul the area with another ‘ethnic’ restaurant or ‘sports bar’.

  • fairmont

    a good happy hour!

  • Eric

    I said no to a sports bar, but I will change my vote if you make it a wings joint.

  • jot

    That’s too bad then that the viability of a 24-hour diner here in CH is not good. I am not familiar with the concept at the corner of 14th and U that got killed. I still hope for a place with open windows if feasible for the warmer months and outdoor seating! Good luck to whomever is looking to open up in CH. πŸ™‚

  • JR

    I’m a bit wary of the 24 hour diner concept for safety reasons…In West Philly (where I moved from before moving here) there was the 24 hour Philly diner. There were 2 or 3 shootings in the 2 years I lived there. It’s no longer 24 hours.

    @ El Gringo – I really like that concept or some variant. It would be cool if at least one side were a community tavern – somewhere to go to play chess, or talk about books or something. I would dig some comfy leather chairs.

  • Anonymous

    “Since renovation 14th and Irving has become one of the most beautiful and impressive blocks in the entire district.”

    Please tell me this is sarcasm.

  • TonyS

    baseball card shop please

  • zoom268

    Arby’s is Amuuuuurican. Sports bars are Ammmmurican. Hipsters and Yuppies are not. Yay for C3appy commericalism, Down with the yuppies and hipsters!

    Who is with me?

  • I drink CH Kool Aid

    Has anybody been to Velocity Five in Ballston? New sports bar concept with a high-end feel to it. they call themselves the concept “the morton’s of sport’s bar”. definitely would elevate CH’s game. the owner has strong ties with the Redskins so it’s homegrown too.


  • Anonymous

    A diner would be great! A good/quality asian restuarant would be even better (on the side of Mei Wah or City Lights – not carey out please!). We need some more restaurant options in the Col Hgts ‘hood. Do we really need a sports bar? NO! A bar is not going to be agood for the ‘hood. Let’s hope Donatellli keeps it to food options.

  • Anonymous

    How about a gay bar? The area needs some diversity in the mix. We already have Commonwealth, Heights, etc. Something different would be nice

  • Anonymous

    Why a gay bar?

  • not telling

    I forget. was sake the coffee shop? Or is that still in the works?

  • Redhead

    Pancake/brunch place sounds good. Everybody’s always looking for a good place to get brunch in DC.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The developer’s buildings probably have a high percentage of GLBT owners/residents. Columbia Heights is a diverse neighborhood – ethicnity, sexual orientation and the like. Something more than the mainstream sports bar would be a welcome change and show supprot for the diverse community that has ben built up around the Col Heights metro area primarily because of the Kenyon Square and Highland Parks projects

  • Anonymous

    The developer’s buildings probably have a high percentage of GLBT owners/residents. Something more diverse than the mainstream sports bar would be a welcome change and show supprot for the diverse community that has ben built up around the Col Heights metro area primarily because of the Kenyon Square and Highland Parks projects

  • Anonymous

    Diner, wine bar, sports bar, Asian sit-down restaurant…anything that is NOT a huge chain.
    We need to keep tenants like Ellwood Thompson’s, Pete’s, Pho 14, and even Nori coming to this area; these businesses are what will will keep Columbia Heights vibrant. It keeps small business owners employed and retains character….Otherwise, the neighborhood will turn into Van Ness, or worse, Manassas.
    If you want Arby’s, move to Shirlington. I hear the orange line is nice.

  • Anonymous

    Hope it’s not a chain like Chipotle across the way at Kenyon Square (the high-end luxury condominium bldg by the same developer). We don’t need more chains, but some local, unique restaurants/eateries in the neighborhood. Here’s to hoping developer does not just see dollar signs when siging lease and looks for a good tenant.

  • Anonymous

    I vote for Mei Wah too! Leasing agent/developer should talk with Mei Wah owner to see about a third DC area location. Original location is down near west-end (24th and M), their second location in Chevy Chase. This area could support a nice restaurant like Mei Wah

  • I drink CH Kool Aid

    who are these people looking for a Dollar Store and Arby’s? holy cow. talk about three steps backward. Are you sure you aren’t looking for the Capitol Heights blog?

  • Anonymous

    Try Ventnor’s Sport Bar on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. They are flying the Phillies flags right now so I would guess you can watch there…but I’ve heard the wings are really good too and the kitchen is open late.

  • IHeartShaw

    I would be excited for any restaurant or bar. We do have several sit-down options opening in the next few months. Thaitanic II & Meridian Pint will open sometime over the summer and Social will be opening in June. For anyone that is interested in outdoor seating, quality food, and a good bar atmosphere–Social will be open outside on the sidewalk until 2am and I am sure that Meridian Pint will be a good late-night outdoor spot, too.
    Luckily for the community, these are independently owned ventures that will give Columbia Heights the individualistic atmosphere that many of us yearn for.

  • Kristen

    Haha I drink CH Kool Aid at 4:38pm: my thoughts exactly!

  • Anonymous

    do us all a favor and give chris his arby’s, please!

  • Chris

    I’ve been a resident of Columbia Heights for over 7 months now. I believe I’m entitled to this Arby’s, and I look forward to taking everyone out for roast beef sandwiches in the near future. Your treat!

  • GforGood

    Nobody else for a good sit down Italian? Oh man…..


  • sunshine

    Original Pancake House would be a winner! No Arby’s please, I really hope you’re kidding re the Arby’s.

  • chapin st.

    What about a Phillips? Talk about a fantastic roast beef sandwich (minus the stale bread).

  • connecticut avenue

    oooooh phillips! they have a fantastic chili with mushrooms as well!

  • Ferdelance

    Where is Phillips, and is there roast beef sandwich as good as Arby’s?

  • There are three Cafe Philips downtown. Decent real roast beef sandwiches, none of this poopy lunchmeat [email protected] The one near Metro Center is the best. The best roast beef was at Hodges on NY Ave, but they folded a few months ago. Atrium Cafe in SW has an excellent hand carved roast beef. Next to Maine Avenue Fish Market, they’re about the few reasons to go to SW.

  • Sully

    They need a dog friendly bar in that area. Commonwealth has an outdoor area but it gets packed with families come mid afternoon through dinner. I hope that put a bar here that yields doggie yappy hours on weekdays and Sat. AFTERNOONS.

  • anon

    Phillips:Arby’s as Ray’s the Steaks:McDonalds. Turkey is the best.

    I think the Phillips on 12th and PA is the best as well. (Their bread, chip, and drink options are better, and their pastrami is much better for some reason).

  • Anonymous

    There is a large gay population in columbia heights. A bar that caters more to the gay clientele would be awesome (most places are mixed anyhow, but something more explicit would be really popular). But if it is going to be a sports bar or nothing, the Velocity 5 concept (see I Drink CH Koolaid at 4:20) seems like a good fit.

  • Beef Lover

    The first thing that came to my mind was ARBY’S!!!

    If there is a God above us, CH will be blessed by multitudes of hot roast beef sandwiches and dripping beef n’ chedders!

    I wish you no beef loving elitists would get over it and embrace the beauty, wonder, and passion that is dining at Arby’s.

    I will start an online petition to cc to Mayor Fenty, Councilman Graham, the U.S. Congress, and the President expressing CH’s love of ARBY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Arbys? Seriously? Vile dude. Vile.

  • anonymous

    If the new owners are looking to open a place that could become something of a neighborhood hangout, I agree with the idea of a chill bar with some tvs for sports fans but not all throughout the place. I second the call for an air hockey table! A spot similar to Sticky Rice on H ST would be great too. I don’t understand why someone would want to put an Arby’s in this spot — Arby’s in a vacant spot in DCUSA, fine, but in a space this big and with the outdoor patio? seriously?

  • HipsterChic

    Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s! Arby’s!

  • Anonymous

    The fact that people like Arby’s and Chipotle is what is wrong with America.

  • Ferdelance

    American Roast Beef Yes Sir

  • Firebird

    CH sucks. First you are drinking outside next to a TARGET/BEST BUY. Should you not be in a strip mall at a bar called Sharks. I say have cornhole and cement Columbia Heights as your generic college shi show. What I want is TGIF TGIF or an Applebees.

  • Artist in Columbia Heights

    We need places where everyone is at least in physical proximity of one another–that’s what I like bout about BUS BOY & POETS—it hip; diverse, and creates a scene that is what DC could be if people got out of our silos, balkans and turf zones….Columbia Heights should/could have a happening arts and culture scene-gallery nights; locl art up in local resturants, artist’s talks and studio space for thrm, and opportunitis for them to connect with one another, with representation and partaiaacaipation by all the interest groups in the community…what do artists, art lovers, and sports bar and Arby’s fans have to say about this idea?

  • MaybeYuppie

    What is so wrong with attracting yuppies to the neighborhood? When a neighborhood starts getting yuppies moving in, guess what happens? It gets NICER. Less crime, cleaner, newer buildings, less abandoned homes, property values go up, etc. I say put in a wine bar, pronto!!


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