Washington, DC

Poets, originally uploaded by Nestum23.

Are there enough public restrooms in DC? GGW’s Lynda Laughlin (a friend of mine) wrote a great post titled When you gotta go, where do you go? A brilliant question. She writes:

“We’ve all been there. You’re out and about, and then suddenly, you need a restroom. When I leave home to go on a walk or run an errand, I keep a mental map of the closest available restrooms. I usually rely on restrooms in commercial businesses, largely because it is difficult to find public restrooms in the District.”

Since I start my walks in Petworth I’ve always used busboys and poets (pictured above by Nestum 23) as my safe haven. I don’t know if that actually counts as a public restroom but I’ve never had a problem taking a quick pit stop there. So what do you think – are there enough public restrooms? Do you have any go to spots around town? It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Costanza can name the best public restroom on any block in Manhattan.

On a side note Laughlin also writes:

“The redeveloped public park at 14th and Girard, NW will include two freestanding restrooms.”

Do you think public restrooms in parks are a good idea or will they attract a “bad” element?


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