Shooting Last Sunday at 13th and Belmont

by Prince Of Petworth March 11, 2009 at 10:10 pm 17 Comments

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“why hasn’t anyone covered the shooting on Belmont St NW between 13th and 14th that occurred on Sunday afternoon? I haven’t seen it on my google reader, on which I read DCist, PoP, and the Post.”

I have received this question from a number of readers. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t post about it. I have mentioned in the past that I don’t like to overwhelm readers with crime stories because I think it skews the actual reality of certain neighborhoods. Having said that, since it was a shooting on a Sunday afternoon, I should’ve posted about it. To be honest, I found out about it after I had already done my postings for that evening. But since so many folks have inquired, here is a belated update.

From a Councilmember Jim Graham email:

“MPD officers (who were in the area on patrol) chased a juvenile suspect and grabbed him after shots were fired on the 1300 block of Belmont, about 7:15 PM Sunday night. An adult male was shot in the arm and taken to the hospital. He was conscious and breathing. Police also seized a 40 caliber handgun in the area of where the youth was running.”

However a reader followed up with a time correction:

“it was 4:45. I know because my roommate was having a conversation about the time when the shots were fired.”

It’s pretty terrifying that youths are shooting 40 caliber handguns (or any handguns for that matter). I apologize for the belated post.


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