In Defense of Ruby’s Salad Bar by Robyn

We love Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar, originally uploaded by ldchurch.

Ed. Note: A long time ago I too admitted my love for Ruby Tuesday. I’m glad to have some company.

There is a Columbia Heights delicacy that’s located at the corner of 14th and Monroe. No it’s not a torta, huevos rancheros, or anything off the fresh fruit stand around that area. It’s “Mayonnaise Broccoli.” Or at least that’s what I call it. Its broccoli, soaked in mayonnaise, and mixed with shredded cheese and bacon. In other words, it’s amazing. Where can you find this – and other delicious offerings? At the Ruby Tuesday salad bar, the severely underrated and underappreciated food fare – that I can attest is rather tasty.

Yes I said it. I am a big fan of the Ruby Tuesday salad bar. I write about food and review restaurants for publications, check the DC food blogs on a daily basis, reference the Washington Post food critic by his first name (and I’ve never met Tom), and follow the DC restaurant scene as if it’s celebrity gossip. And still I’m not afraid to profess my love for the inexpensive, immediately gratifying, and tasty salad bar from Ruby Tuesday. I call all PoP readers to give it at least one try before you judge.

Why? Besides for having all of your necessary vegetables, Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar also has some creative additions. Not only does it feature the adored Mayonnaise Broccoli, there’s also slightly-goopy-but-very-edible Potato Salad and some pickled veggie concoction that isn’t bad. Secondly, it’s instant food. A very good plus for anyone who’s braved the Columbia Heights crowded lunch and dinner scene on the weekends. The service at Ruby Tuesday is always nice, efficient, never pushy, and doesn’t furrow their brow when I ask for a 6th refill on my diet coke. Personally I think good weekend brunch/lunch service is hard to find in the area.

And lastly – there are 65 things you can put on your salad. SIXTY FIVE. Paving the way for some incredible salad creativity. My favorite? Not exactly what the doctor ordered. Spinach salad with chickpeas, carrots, too much blue cheese, even more bacon, drowned in honey mustard dressing and topped with enough croutons to make a loaf of bread. And of course a separate plate for the Mayonnaise Broccoli.

So don’t knock it till you try it. Next time the there’s a wait at The Heights or Tonic, give Ruby a try. Who’s with me?


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