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Transit union offers tips for riding Metro Inauguration Day

by Prince Of Petworth January 7, 2009 at 10:32 pm 13 Comments

DC Metro escalator, originally uploaded by limina.

Never say PoP doesn’t support the Unions! It seems these tips may be a bit obvious but you tell me. Number 4 is my favorite. Personally, I’d say if you are within 5 miles from your destination it’d be easier to just take a nice walk. From an email:

ATU Local 689, the transit union comprising of more than 10,000 Metro bus drivers, rail operators, administrators and technicians, is encouraging DC residents and Metro riders to become travel ambassadors during this historic Inaugural event come January 20th.

ATU Local 689’s Nine Tips for Inaugural Metro Travel

1. Begin your travel day with a smile and a positive attitude! You’re about to witness history!
2. Expect crowds and crowded trains. The District is expected to host between 2-4 million people for the inaugural celebration. Be patient, as there will be delays.
3. Dress warmly, wear comfortable shoes and pack lightly. Even if you decide to take the Metro to inaugural activities, be prepared to walk. Also, the warmer and more comfortable you are, the more helpful and friendly you can be to visitors.
4. A simple and polite “excuse me” always works. Try these friendly phrases – “Excuse me, please stand to the right on the escalator” or “Excuse me, I’m attempting to board the train.”
5. Be as helpful as possible. We are residents and Metro riders that know how things work. Let’s share the knowledge to keep things moving smoothly!
6. Be aware of your surroundings by keeping the ear buds of your music player at a level where you can hear announcements and you won’t disturb your fellow passengers.
7. Buy your Metro cards or load up your SmartTrip before January 20th. You’ll be glad you planned ahead!
8. Local ATU members are at your service to help in any way possible. Feel free to direct tourists to the Metro kiosks for any problems or concerns.
9. There will be an unusually high number of riders so please move quickly into the Metro car when the Metro stops and into the center of the car to allow more people to safely board the train.

  • Jay Reeder

    Disingenuous pap.

    A more useful set of tips would be:

    1. If you’re within 5 miles, don’t bother with Metro, just walk.

    2. For the return trip, don’t even try. Regardless of distance, walking *will* be faster.

    3. We hope the crowds won’t get so bad that people aren’t shoved into the track pit wholesale, or asphyxiated by “crowd crushes”, but we have no reasonable way of preventing it. Caveat emptor.

    4. Have a nice trip.

  • Nita

    #4 cracks me up as well. Puh-leez. Polite excuse me’s just elicit blank stares.

  • reuben

    or you are welcome to come over and watch with me.(LOL)

  • Steve

    Screw metro…we are walking its only about 5 miles down. I would encourage others to do the same No sense in feeling like a sardine and the exercise will do all of us good!

  • #4, if you mean polite as in “quick jab to the ribs” than I wholeheartedly agree with nothing is better to move people out the way than a smile and a quick jab to the ribs. Remember, forgiveness is the key to heaven. Pesce.

  • Anonymous

    As far as #4…I might just wander the metro stations wearing a sandwich board that says “Walk left, stand right.” I’m also thinking about spending Monday night at my office so I’ll have a shorter trip to the Mall on Tuesday.

  • Pennywise

    The Union just managed, with a single post, to outdo WMATA PSA’s for the last 20 years. Yay Union!

  • e

    I just did the google-pedometer map thing… It’s about 4 miles from Petworth (north of the metro) to the mall. Not a bad walk, and most of it’s downhill.

  • Anonymous

    They need to bring in the guys that run the Japanese trains and subways and just push people into the cars.

  • Darkside

    1. “Begin your travel day with a smile and a positive attitude!”


    I’m a Black man raised in D.C. Smiling and having a positive attitude are unfamiliar concepts.

  • NateG

    i’m not going on the metro. i heard there are going to be people pricking people with pins.

  • Fellow Petworthian

    @NateG: Where did you hear that from? Or did you just make it up?

  • saf

    NateG – Uh-huh. Do you remember the guy used to hang out in dc.general and claim that people poked him with needles every time he went out in public? Called himself Klaatu.


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