Washington, DC

Market Inn, originally uploaded by sally henny penny.

In the Washington Times, Market Inn in SW is closing down tonight, that landlord apparently has other plans.”  

I had Nichole check it out and it turns out, sadly to be true:

It’s true. According to the Times’ article:
Owner Carl Mandis hadn’t planned on closing the family business that was started by his mother and father, Hilda and John Mandis, in November 1959. But the property owners’ new lease demand, which includes higher payments and a shorter renewal period, made it impractical to continue business, Mr. Kipp said.

The property owners plan to raze the building to make way for office space, he said.

In addition, the legendary nude paintings and other furnishings and memorabilia are being auctioned off. If you have any interest, the link is here.

This makes me sad. I recall having a couple of work meetings over lunch here a few years ago which were reminiscent of Charlie Wilson’s Washington. (Though perhaps not as much as the working lunches we occasionally had at Archibald’s.) They also had a great brunch here. Market Inn will be missed.

Any fans of Market Inn out there?



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