Washington, DC

IMG_8135, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I saw the following comment in Yesterday’s GDON post:

“I must say. I thought i was buying at the lows a few months back. I saw areas I didn’t think were in my grasp and then jumped when I saw something in a location I didn’t think i would ever be able to afford back when I started paying attention to dc realestate in 2005. but now I cant help but wonder. should I have waited another 6 months. eh. who cares I like my place. but is anyone else wondering how much more things will slide. anyone out there sell for a loss yet? I have friends looking to sell a condo they bought in 2005 and they are not too happy as the question isn’t if they will sell at a loss but just how much that loss will be.”

So I’m curious – does anyone who bought in the last couple of years regret their purchase because they feel they may be able to get a better deal today? Also – has anyone had to sell for a loss?


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