Washington, DC

Some people are going to hate me for writing about this but hell if it’s on Yelp then I figure I can share it with y’all as well. So 6 weeks ago a new Cocktail Lounge opened up at 2009 14th St NW right next to Marvin. There is no signage at all so just look for the buzzer or a gentleman standing out front. I’d have never of known about it if a friend of mine didn’t recommend it for drinks on Friday so I walked past it tonight. Lots of positive talk over at Yelp. Here are some samples:

“I let the cat out of the bag……
But I just had to share with my fellow Yelpers!

I just wanted to let you know that The Gibson has become more wonderful with time!

After many a night introducing my friends to a great cocktail and a place where we can hear each other and enjoy each others company everyone agrees hands down the best place in the city to hang out with friends and have a drink.”

“The protective metal grate on the only street facing window is permanently drawn, so there is no indication of the lounge from the street. The transformation wrought on the other side of the metal grate by the new owners simply astounds. Upon pressing the buzzer, a dapper and smiling gentlemen in a lovely tweed suit asks for the number in your party. If there is room to sit at the bar or a banquet, he escorts you inside and it’s time to begin. There’s a wide array of thoughtfully created cocktails to choose from; I opted for a whiskey and absinthe concoction. My friend ordered a wine. The bartender is extremely gracious and friendly.”

“I was tempted to write a less than 5-Star review, only because this place makes you leave after an hour and a half. It’s like getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden except the bouncer has a clipboard and not a flaming sword.”


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