Dear PoP – Car Alarm Edition

by Prince Of Petworth December 29, 2008 at 10:19 pm 20 Comments

Smashed up, abandoned car, originally uploaded by yor_ick.

“There is either an alarm or some jerk beeping their horn nearly every evening on or around Princeton and Warder. I cannot find the auto or personal culprit. Last night the sound of irregular beeping (Beep, beep beep, Beeeeeep, Beep, beep beep…) went off about six times. I didn’t get any sleep at all. I’ve heard this before on other evenings, but last night and this morning was ridiculous.

IS anyone else hearing this?

Is there anything I can do?”

Well you could take a baseball bat… Seriously, this reminds me of the dog barking discussion we had a couple weeks ago. If it is happening on a daily/nightly basis I’d definitely call 911 (remember 911 and 311 have been sorta combined). But before doing that, perhaps you could also ask a neighbor to see if they recognize the car and know the owner. You may even want to leave a polite note (anonymously if you wish) alerting the owner to the problem. But if that fails I’d consistently call 911.

Have you guys faced an annoying car alarm on a regular basis? How’d you handle the situation?


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