Washington, DC

Dear PoP

“I’ve been reading and commenting on your blog for the past year or so since I moved to the neighborhood. It was with frustration and exasperation that I decided to share on your rant/rave post about having just been laid off.

I never could have guessed that such a terrible situation could have been made better, and by the PoP community. Not only was I heartened to see comments offering support on your blog, but one of your readers got in touch with me, and gave me some awesome job advice. It opened me up to the beautiful life in a way I never expected.

So hey, just wanted to give you, and the PoP readers a shout out. Thanks for reminding me about the beautiful life in these especially tough times.”

Dang, I’m really sorry to hear this.  I’ve heard from a number of people who have been laid off recently.  I am so happy to hear you have found some solace from the PoP community.  The beautiful life is indeed a beautiful thing particularly in times like these.  I hope good news comes your way soon!  


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