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  • ColHeightsChic

    Not to be annoying, but it’s actually Sankofa (not Sankota). Google the word and you’ll see its African origins.

  • Love this mural..

  • Anonymous

    Sankofa is an institution in the African american community, mural is appropriate and very nice.

  • anonymous

    appears to be an “exclusive” business.

  • Anonymous

    sweet mural

  • Anonymous Coward

    “appears to be an “exclusive” business.”

    Codeword day on PoP!!! yes!

    If they want to exclude your green dollars, especially in todays economic and political climate, they deserve to be in the red, not in the black.

  • bogfrog

    Destiny De Ve’ — is this an “exclusive” business too based on the “unique” name?

  • Mig

    The sign says “Films, Videos and Books by and About People of African Descent”.
    I’d call it a niche business. I’m sure anyone who cares to spend their “green dollars” or just browse, is welcome.

    Happy Holidays. Damn.

  • tania jackson

    amen Mig. There are a lot of special events there, and it’s a business that has been around for a long time. The owner has been actively involved in the surrounding neighborhoods, with people of all ages (and colors). I don’t really get the objection to a focus on recovering the history that has been lost for a huge segment of the population in the District, but if you’re any ethnic background and have a genuine in interest in films, videos and books by and about people of African descent, then it’s a business you should patronize. If not . . . you’re free to spend your time and your “green” elsewhere, right?

  • tania jackson

    PS it’s “Sankofa”… an adinkra word and symbol, from West Africa (from whence most African American ancestors were taken and enslaved), that literally means, “pick it up and take it back”– an entreat to learn and understand one’s history.

  • Sarah B.

    I’ve been there before – a couple of times, actually. The food is fantastic. Yes, like me, you may be the only white folk(s) in there from time to time, but that really shouldn’t be a deterrent as the food is great, the service is excellent and sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone is a good thing.


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