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Woah, I Didn’t Know Carvel and Cinnabon Closed

by Prince Of Petworth — November 17, 2008 at 3:00 pm 9 Comments


I thought they were just remodeling? Wow, this is not good. Retail at that end of Tivoli seems to be having a tough time. Well, frozen yogurt seems to be popular… Anyone know what might go into these places?

On a happier note there is a new bakery coming a bit further north on 14th Street.


This one is located two doors down from Sweet Time Bakery at 3531 14th Street.

I especially like the building Guatemala Bakery is in because it has one of my favorite signs above it:


I am aware I’m not normal…

  • Adams Morgan

    Oh sweet day in the morning! If the new Guatemala Bakery molds itelf off of the famous bread bakeries in Guate (particularly Xelapan) I need to renew that gym membership because I will be there All. The. Time…..

  • GforGood

    I think there was a rumor (and if I am not mistaken even you, PoP reported on it) that there would be a news stand in the ex-Carvel space.

  • Yes, Carvel/Cinnabon closed awhile ago. They had problems, and as you may recall tried to broaden their appeal by adding homemade breakfast items, and they bought Mayorga’s old coffee making supplies. I’m one of the few people who miss Carvel, as I had worked in a Carvel as a teenager, and was an expert at making cones and cakes. For frozen custard, at least we still have Rita’s!

  • DC_Chica

    I think it’s wild that a Salvadoran presidential candidate would have a campaign sign up in DC — how cool!

  • GforGood

    I gather they have absentee voting going on.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    There are hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans in the DC area, so it’s not surprising that there is campaigning going on in DC. But what I’m not sure of is if a Salvadoran citizen living in Washington can vote in the embassy or consolate(s) here. I remember a few years ago there was an election in Peru in which expatriates in the DC area could vote. It was set up on a Sunday in the school where I used to work, with thousands turning out to vote. Who knew? BTW, the FMLN is the old guerrilla group gone legit and participating in the democratic process.

  • AlphaTango

    Yeah, I’ve been sitting on taking a pic of the Gautemala Bakery for you. Thing is I keep getting home too late. Damn you winter!

  • M.

    So where are the Mayorga coffee machines going now?

  • ryan

    Umm cinabon, aww crap


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