Parked Cars Getting Hit Surprisingly Common

by Prince Of Petworth November 25, 2008 at 10:07 pm 22 Comments

22Nov08 005, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A friend of mine used to live on 14th Street near Shepherd and her parked car got hit three times. Three freaking times. She finally moved. I had no idea this was such a common occurrence. Thanks to a reader for sending the photos. The reader writes:

“I awoke @ 2:30 a.m. to engine roaring, screeching of tires, and a lot of smoke as the driver of a Toyota SUV detached the front wheel off by forcing the vehicle into reverse until the wheel wrenched off its axle. The wheel was stuck, damaged , in the storm drain after hitting my sister’s car and bouncing back. Unbelievably the driver was able to force the SUV onward another 1/2 mile with only 3 wheels and a deployed airbag, up a big curb by Children’s. I gave chase and took more pics. The ambulance was treating the guy who was not seriously injured. It was not a stolen the car – the driver/owner was that drunk. 8 or so other cars were damaged. Sis’s car was pushed into the car ahead with enough force to destroy its bumper and break the rear window.”

Intangible Arts also heard from the reader and heard the accident itself on Irving Street.

Insane. Has this happened to anyone else reading here? More photos after the jump.

22Nov08 001

22Nov08 002

22Nov08 004


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