Washington, DC

Dear PoP

Room For Rent, originally uploaded by jrandallc.

“I was wondering how many people are taking advantage of the inauguration to rent out spare rooms in their houses and what they are charging. I’ve seen some pretty outrageous listings on craigslist and heard the hotels are charging an arm and a leg for rooms. I’m not looking to take advantage of people but rather the time period because my basement apartment will be empty at that time.”

and from folks who wouldn’t mind taking a little advantage:

“I’m curious to know. Have any readers decided to rent out their house/condo/apt/unit/bedroom/couch for the Inauguration, what price they are asking for it, and are they ACTUALLY getting acceptance offers? It seems crazy to me (based on the ads I’ve seen on craigslist) that someone would actually pay $10K (hell, even $5K) for a 2bed/2bath condo for 5 nights. But, when in Rome …



I have to admit, I’ve thought about renting out a room myself but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. You can find some crazy craigslist options here. So has anyone decided to rent a room, apartment/condo or house for the inauguration? If so how much are you asking?


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