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Kalia Experiences A Bit Of The Beautiful Life

by Prince Of Petworth October 22, 2008 at 10:14 pm 10 Comments

You know the longer I live here the more and more that happens that really does make living here the beautiful life.  Last night I went to bed knowing I was going to have to go to the GA Ave shell station to put air in my tire that has a slow leak. This really made my morning suck when I was cold and tired and just wanted to get in my car and go to work instead of driving down to a gas station where I would probably be harassed for money I don’t even have by someone wearing nicer shoes than I do.

Well I get down there and I’m sitting in front of the air machine searching for any quarters anywhere with no luck when a mini van pulls behind me and honks.  I lean out of my door to point to the air and she nods like “oh yeah, you need air too”, but since I don’t have money yet I pulled up enough so she could go ahead of me.  I got out and went to the ATM which I knew was going to charge me an arm and a leg, which it did, but I did not know it was also going to reek of piss as well.  I got my money and then went inside the little mini mart to get some change, the guy refused to give me more than a dollars worth of quarters even though I did ask nicely.  He said that .75 cents was enough to fill all the problems I had, I wasn’t sure I was convinced since I have never filled my own tires with air before.

A little annoyed and still cold and tired I walked outside to find that the woman was now filling my tire with air.  I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that some random stranger was helping me out.  I started thanking her profusely and she just smiled and said that there was no point in wasting the air that she didn’t need and that “us women had to stick together and help each other out”.  She really made my day and turned what was going to be a sour attitude for most of the morning into a much lighter and brighter morning.


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