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by Prince Of Petworth September 3, 2008 at 11:12 pm 13 Comments

DSCN2378, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Because of the shortened week the winner will be announced on Friday. Put your caption in the comments section.  Winner gets beer or PoP t-shirt.

  • Anonymous

    Needing more space for his growing family but not willing to put a horrid Pop-Up on his house, John had to break it to his eldest son that he would be sleeping in a shipping container in the drive way from now on.

  • Ken

    Finally at the end of the Bush Presidency the “undisclosed location” of Vice President Dick Cheney’s office was found tucked away in an unassuming parking spot in Washington DC.

  • ConsummateAries

    This stunning 1 bedroom efficiency townhouse is located on a corner lot with ample parking and custom landscaping. Just a short walk to all the fabulous new shopping and restaurants in Columbia Heights. A steal at only $650,000.

  • I was made painfully aware that I needed to cut back on my beer consumption when DC delivered my new recycling bin.

  • Anonymous

    Although oil is on the decline, many are still choosing to dump their gas guzzling SUV’s. Thus leading to the arrest of anyone who illegally dumps SUV’s within DC – punishment is refilling the gas tank

  • GforGood

    On a serious (?) note, I recently read an interesting article about buildings (I guess hotels or offices mostly) being built out of these containers that had been fitted with e.g. complete hotel room off site. Pretty cool, I thought.

  • Afraid someone might try to steal his empty shipping container, Bob devised an ingenious plan to hide it.

  • DC20010

    And so the orange container wondered to and fro asking every SUV is came across, “Are you my Mother?”

  • Oregonian

    Nice job, ConsummateAries… 🙂

  • thelogos

    So…that’s what the new car security systems look like?

  • Donkey Hotey

    Finally, DC makes permanent supportive housing a reality for its homeless residents.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a twenty foot equivalent unit in my front yard.

  • Jason

    In order to lock on the gas guzzling SUV so that wife would not have access to it, MR ‘X’ find a solution by using a unbreakable cshipping container with 4 locks.
    However, Mr. ‘X’ makes sure that his modern garage color goes with the house’s brick color.


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