Washington, DC

09-24-08_1801, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Nice! I can’t stand those internet juke boxes. I get a bit too overwhelmed with all the choices. I think it’s far more fun to have a nicely stocked proper juke box like this. I always tend to play music that I don’t own on jukes like this one.

In other good LGL news. They now also have a new single malt scotch – OBan a 14 year old single malt. Plus they have a new bourbon – Blanton’s single barrel bourbon. Plus they have a new Irish whiskey, sadly not Powers, Clontarf which is supposedly a bit better than Jamesons. And finally they have a new seasonal beer by Post Road which is a Pumpkin Ale.

But back to the juke box.  Which do you prefer the classic ones like this or the internet ones?


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