Washington, DC

DSCN3039, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This cracked me up because for some reason I imagined the “I.T” to stand for Information Technology. And obviously IT Banditos is hilarious. Then it made me think of the brilliant Onion articles written by “Herbert Kornfeld” the badass accountant from accounts payable. Here’s a sample:

“Yo, peep this: I know all y’all wanna hear about tha mad bugged-out shit that went down at tha annual Monroe County CPA Convention from July 14-16 at tha Ramada Inn Northeast. Y’all heard about tha violence an’ tha lootin’ an’ tha arrests an’ all that shit, but I’m here to say that most of that shizit you read in tha newzpaypas an’ saw on TV be WACK.”

Read the rest here.


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