Washington, DC

Friday Question of the Day

I’m very interested in this question which comes from a reader:

“Can you give us an update on the street car initiative for Georgia Avenue? Even though there are two metros in close proximity, even on this very site have been complaining that the metros are too far away. So it’d be really great for the people and businesses of Georgia Avenue, columbia Heights, Parkview and/or Pleasant Plains to get some more public transpo options. Can you let us know how we can mobilize and push this through?”

On a related transit note a reader also writes:

Greater Greater Washington writes about an express circulator-type bus line that would center in Columbia Heights, branching west to its next stop in Adams Morgan, then again in Woodley Park, and branching south bound down 14th street, stopping at U St, then at Logan Circle, then finally at McPhearson Square. Jim Graham brought it up in a meeting last night for discussion.”

So does anyone know the status of the street car initiative? If a street were to come to Georgia Ave, would you be likely to use it or would you stick with metro/buses?


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