Dear PoP

by Prince Of Petworth September 23, 2008 at 10:49 pm 34 Comments

“I’m writing to see if any of your readers have worked with DC government on landlord/tenant problems, on either side. Our landlord is very slow to address any repairs we raise — it takes months, even past a year, to fix basic problems in our old house.  We have been very reliable tenants for more than two years, and it is very frustrating to pay our full rent every month (and it was raised during the present saga) only to have our needs dismissed. Our latest conflict: for more than 9 months, we have been waiting on the replacement of a broken in-unit appliance. We have been very communicative with the landlord, and get excuses in return.

I am considering going to DCRA and filing a complaint and request for inspection, which would require that the LL fix the situation in a certain amount of time, and may result in retroactive rent rebates for the 9 months of reduced services. I wonder if any of your readers have been through this process?  Could they shed any light on it for me?”

Any advice for dealing with negligent landlords?  Any horror stories out there?  Share your advice in the comments.  


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