Washington, DC


Received via email:


Until further notice, BEVERAGEMANIA will be closed by 11:00 am everyday. Anthony, Leonard and I have had to travel to New Orleans to tend to the damages to our properties due to Hurricane GUSTAV. Unfortunately, we never really recovered from the damages caused by Hurricane KATRINA. It is because of what we witnessed in the aftermath of KATRINA that we are compelled and feel that it is our duty to lend a helping hand to those most affected by GUSTAV. We are grateful that GUSTAV did not create the same devastation of KATRINA.

Unfortunately, Al and Donnie cannot operate the store 24/7. Trevon is back in school during the days and my mother is still a full-time employee of Howard University. However, we refuse to abandon our coffee (and espresso) drinkers.

Al will open the shop from
5:00 am – 11:00 am

Please forgive us for the inconvenience. We hope to see everyone again as soon as we return.

Thank you for your business.

Submitted on behalf of the Beveragemania Owners


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