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Good Deal or Not? (And It’s Not Even A Million Dollars)

by Prince Of Petworth August 21, 2008 at 11:00 am 20 Comments


So while I am very interested in knowing whether you think it’s a good deal or not, I’m also curious to know what you think of the layout, rooms, details etc. The flyer says:

“New Construction Modern Finishes Chefs Kitchen, Parking 2 cars, Exposed Duct, Master Bedroom boasts 30ft Vaulted Ceilings & Loft with ladder. 6 bathrooms Amazing Detail Must See it to believe it. Owner said No Condo Conversion here!!. Cute 2br rental wih C of O in the basement for income!!Real Estate Broker is the owner.”

There are lots more details and photos here. It was origninaly listed for $1,100,000 but is now on the market for $999,999. So what do you think about the house and of course is it a good deal or not?

  • New2CH

    Hard to say anything listed at $1 million in Columbia Heights is a “good deal” but it is certainly an enormous, gorgeous property and probably fairly priced. Considering they bought it for barely more than half that in 2007, they must have put a LOT of dough in to make it look like that.

  • Geezer

    If the master and other BRs are a decent size, it looks like a million+ dollar house to me.

  • Chewy

    This place actually under contract while the asking price was $1.1M (not sure what the actual bid was for) and I guess the financing fell through. It looks really nice from what you can see in the inside and the L&F website. I think the bottom unit is separate and can be used as a rental. I hope it is worth a million!

    There are two units on the other site of the street that are “good deal or not?” worthy…they have been on the market for probably 5-6 months now.

  • Parkwood Person

    I don’t think that the exposed air duct concept really works in that house, and climate control in that master bedroom will be a challenge, but other than that, If I had a million dollars, I’d buy it. It would consider it a great deal if I had the means.

    Right now that house probably has a somewhat limited pool of potential buyers- I say that only because the number of million dollar buyers who are excited about Col. Heights is still on the low side, so it might take a while, but the right buyer will find it eventually. I suppose it depends on how long the owner can finance it being on the market in terms predicting if the price would come down more or not.

    That basement rental will get snapped up in a heartbeat.

  • Parkwood Person

    Oh- and the fact that the C of O is already taken care of for the rental unit is worth about 2.5 million dollars worth of time that would otherwise be spent waiting at DCRA for your number to be called.

  • U street girl

    It’s quite fabulous and really beautiful. I think it’s worth a million, but whether it will actually get it is another story.

  • nate

    I went in this house. Beautiful renovation. All high end appliances, flooring, etc. I didn’t like the duct work. It looked odd. The owner says he has done a few renovations like this so he likely knows the market.

  • Seems like a great place. For those who didn’t notice, PoP links to the Redfin page for this property which has lots of attributes about the property some photos. But the better photos are found on the external link off Redfin to Homevisit.

  • Anymouse

    Does anyone know who did the renovation? I love the style and would hire them in a heartbeat to do my reno. That is, if I could afford them.

  • If I am paying almost a million I don’t want to be looking at the freaking duct work.

  • KC in PV

    I’m not a fan of the open plan, and when I saw all those hard surfaces and the lack of barriers between floors, I just cringed. Speaking as someone that has lived a hugh open plan house, I know that once you get more than one person living there, there will be no way to get away from noise (including other someone else’s phone conversations, television noise, etc.). It isn’s a matter of turning the set down, or speaking at a normal volume, it all travels.

    The finishes look good, and the kitchen has a lot going for it, I’ll give it that. But all said, I don’t think one should be living in loft-like conditions if you aren’t living in a loft.

  • Julie

    Karen had those on rentals of the week back in July. I only remember because of those oddly placed vases of fruit. Anyway, it looks like it didn’t get rented out @ $4900 a month. I don’t know how that information may affect the good deal or not but I thought it was interesting…


  • eric in ledroit

    are you kidding? that house is unbelievable. it’s not going to be a group house; noise is not going to be an issue unless you adopt a pride of hyenas. love the finishes and it looks like actual quality construction which is rare in this town right now. only weird thing is that there are no pictures of the master bedroom or any upstairs bedrooms actually.

  • st

    Forget the house – I want to know where I can get a “Plasma sexy couch!” (See homeview link for details)

  • ET

    I love the finishes/fixtures and considering the overall tone of the renovation – the ductwork sort of makes sense. I just don’t know if what they did regarding the multi-floor open space makes total sense for the building itself. This seems more like the interior of a warehouse converted into a condo than an older townhouse. Saying that I am sure there is a market for someone who would want this – though considering the real estate market – may be not at that price.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it’s really ugly, and it looks like a waste of space in that tower like structure. I’d get something for $800,000 and spend $200,000 to make it beautiful.

  • GforGood

    I too think the reno does not fit the house. Too “loft”. In particular, why the heck would I NOT want to be able to get to the front windows on all of the floors? Now it has this “oooh I am so hip” open tower thing that amuses you for 10 minutes and then deprives you of valuable floor space and access to the windows.


  • Odentex

    I ain’t so sure about paying a cool million so’s I can climb a ladder up to my “home office”. First, if I could afford to buy a million dollar house I wouldn’t be climbing no dang ladder, I’d want a teleporter. Second, if I had enough scratch to buy a house like that I wouldn’t be havin’ no home office, I’d have a home sporstbar, a home rootbeer distillery, or a home massage parlor — and I’d have members of my entourage twist the ears of any dern fool that dared say the words “office”, “work”, or “TPS reports” in my earshot.

    Also, I’m a fan of keeping the living area separate from the kitchen/dining area. These renovations that create one massive room on the first floor just aren’t very inviting to me.

    I like siting in the worn wingback chair in our livin’ room on a Sunday afternoon, listening to the radio, and staring through the tricklin’ yellow light at the trees along our street. I imagine it’s just like the former owners did back in the olden times… ‘cept maybe they read Herm Melville or Tommy Hardy on the Sabbath whilst wearing a spiff smokin’ jacket instead of flippin’ through “Guns Illustrated” wearing a “who farted?” t-shirt.

    I think I’d have a hard time with my relaxin’ if the ceiling were so high, the a/c was whooshing through exposed spiral pipe (boy, that’s ugly too), the room was larger than casino at Caesars, and I found myself plopped down on one of them there “plasma sexy couches” .

  • Ellen G.

    Gosh, what a beautiful renovation! However, I have yet to see anything in Columbia Heights that is worth a million bucks.

  • David Mazza

    Thanks for the kind words I always seem to be a bit late to respond. If you should have any intrest please give me a call David Mazza (owner/broker) Dwell Real Estate LLC 202-352-5668 1116 H Steet NE


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