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Streetscape Columbia Heights-plaza

A reader writes: “Have you seen the huge architectural model of the Columbia Heights “public realm” plan for streetscape improvements yet? It’s located inside the lobby of the BB&T Bank inside the Kenyon Square building, just outside the Columbia Heights Metro station. It’s a large model showing all the buildings in central Columbia Heights, with the proposed changes to the streets, sidewalks, and the design of the triangular plaza.”

For some reason the folks at BB&T Bank won’t let anyone take photos of the model. Fortunately, I was able to track down some PDF images that look pretty sweet. I didn’t know that a fountain will be going in! Nice. Anyway if you can’t see the image clearly as click below on “CH Streetscape” for a PDF version. Looks good, yeah?

CH Streetscape

On a side note, it looks like they put in some more bicycle locking stations:

More images of the planned streetscape after the jump.

Streetscape Columbia Heights-Model

Streetscape Columbia Heights


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