Washington, DC

The Aftermath

DSCN1001, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is taken on July 5th outside Cardozo High School on 13th Street.

Overall, I’d say it was a good 4th of July (check out the video a few posts below). I must’ve passed dozens of “local” shows walking between 11th Street and Petworth. There was a great community feel as well with people gathered on their porches and street corners to watch some impressive displays. And many of the folks did a terrific job cleaning up after they were finished. Sadly, some folks were not as responsible. This year I heard fireworks well after two in the morning which was fine with me but I’m sure folks with little kids may have been a bit perturbed. And actually, I’m getting to see a pretty decent show right now (July 6th at 9:42 pm)… I’m cool with all the local shows but after a while it tends to get a bit boring for me. I like Oreo cookies but I only eat 2-4 at a time. Sometimes the fireworks, particularly on July 6 and after, makes me think that some folks really enjoy eating boxes and boxes of Oreo cookies.


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