by Prince Of Petworth July 16, 2008 at 10:36 pm 35 Comments

Old Soldier’s Home Driving Range, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Hey Prince…long time reader, first time with a question!

I was curious about the Old Soldier’s Home Golf Course. Is it completely cut off from the public? I have lived right next to it since I moved to DC and hardly ever see anyone on it (compared to a real golf course, certainly). I just got back into golf and would love to have a course so close!


Dear Geoff,

You have discovered one of the greatest secrets of Petworth – we have our own golf course! You are in luck. You have to be a member but luckily memberships are open to the public. I was a member a few years ago but then I started blogging and I wasn’t golfing enough so I let my membership lapse. Back then dues were $300 a year but now I think dues are $400 or so, which is pretty damn cheap when it comes to golf memberships. You can find more info here. It is a nine hole course that is mix of par 3s and 4s. I never once had to wait for a tee time when I was a member. Veterans of the Old Soldiers Home are frequently golfing as well. That is a huge perk. They are unbelievably nice and hella good golfers. Funny story: I was golfing with a buddy of mine and this 80 year old woman veteran was in the group ahead of us. So I said to my buddy, Oh lord, this is going to be a long day. Meanwhile she hit every single shot dead straight 100 yards. While I spent half my time in the trees looking for my horrible shots. Just goes to show you. If you do become a member, you can take guests along with you and the cost is only about $15 or $20 for the guest. And there is a driving range too! So all in all this a great benefit. Just become a member. You can call (202) 730-3050 to find out how.



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