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Political Street Scams?

by Prince Of Petworth June 26, 2008 at 10:58 pm 23 Comments

From a reader:

Hey PoP,

Did you have a couple of guys show up at your door collecting money in support of Obama, 2 days ago? They claimed it was a grass roots support thing and they did not have a website to collect money later or even literature to drop off. That if they didn’t collect enough money they would not raise enough support for Obama to counter the Republican’s smear commercials due to Obama declining to accept corporate money this year. They said not only was it to support Obama’s campaign but to support the refusal to use Corporate money. They wanted donations starting from $20.08 or more. They went down my entire street knocking on doors. They were pretty pushy and I was clearly trying to let them down politely but they just kept at it. Even saying I could donate as little as $10.00. First off, who would refuse a donation of even a dollar? Did they come to your door? And have you heard anything about it, was it real or was it a scam?

They didn’t come to my door, it’s pretty well known that I’m an Adlai Stevenson supporter. So did anyone else encounter these folks? Legit or not? Here are some of the other scams and here too oh and here too. Man there are a lot of (possible) scammers out there.


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